Bill Text: NH HB271 | 2019 | Regular Session | Amended

Bill Title: Relative to apprentice electricians and third party electrical inspections.

Spectrum: Bipartisan Bill

Status: (Engrossed) 2019-06-13 - House Concurs with Senate Amendment 2210s (Rep. Goley): Motion Adopted Voice Vote 06/13/2019 [HB271 Detail]

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19Mar2019... 0644h

05/30/2019   2210s







AN ACT relative to apprentice electricians and third party electrical inspections.


SPONSORS: Rep. Flanagan, Hills. 26; Rep. Williams, Hills. 4


COMMITTEE: Executive Departments and Administration






This bill establishes a limit for supervision of apprentices by a journeyman electrician in the first year of licensure. The bill also provides for level 1 and level 2 third party electrical inspections  in rules adopted by the electricians' board.


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19Mar2019... 0644h

05/30/2019   2210s 19-0478





In the Year of Our Lord Two Thousand Nineteen


AN ACT relative to apprentice electricians and third party electrical inspections.


Be it Enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives in General Court convened:


1  Supervision of Apprentice Electricians.  Amend RSA 319-C:2-a, I to read as follows:

I.  A journeyman electrician shall directly supervise no more than one apprentice in the first year following his or her initial date of licensure.  A journeyman electrician may have 2 apprentice electricians under his or her direct supervision beginning on the first anniversary of the journeyman electrician's initial date of licensure.

2  Third Party Electrical Inspections.  Amend RSA 319-C:5-a to read as follows:

319-C:5-a  Third Party Electrical Inspections.

I. The board shall adopt rules under RSA 319-C:6-a requiring any entity engaging a person [to conduct] who conducts residential electrical inspections for up to 4 contiguous units, which shall be considered a level 1 inspector, or a person who conducts all types of electrical inspections, which shall be considered a level 2 inspector, who is conducting third-party electrical inspections of electrical installations in this state to have the person conducting the inspection be approved by the board.  The board shall determine the qualifications necessary for approval as a level 1 or level 2 electrical inspector. The board shall maintain and make available a list of such persons approved for level 1 or level 2 third-party electrical inspections.  The approval of a person to conduct either level of third-party electrical inspections shall not prohibit a city or town that has established inspections under RSA 47:22 or RSA 674:51 from contracting with any person of its choice to perform third-party electrical inspections.  

II. Paragraph I and rules adopted by the board thereunder shall not apply to state electrical inspectors conducting inspections under the state building permitting system under rules adopted in Saf-C 8100.

3  Effective Date.  This act shall take effect upon its passage.