Bill Text: IL SR1692 | 2013-2014 | 98th General Assembly | Introduced

Bill Title: Recognizes Senator Michael Frerichs as he prepares to serve as Illinois' next State Treasurer.

Spectrum: Partisan Bill (Democrat 1-0)

Status: (Failed) 2015-01-13 - Session Sine Die [SR1692 Detail]

Download: Illinois-2013-SR1692-Introduced.html

SR1692LRB098 23491 MST 62661 r
2 WHEREAS, Illinois State Senator Michael Frerichs has
3represented the citizens of the State of Illinois and the
4families of the 52nd Senate District since 2007; and
5 WHEREAS, Senator Frerichs grew up in Gifford, a small
6farming community in Champaign County; and
7 WHEREAS, Senator Frerichs graduated from Rantoul Township
8High School and Yale University; and
9 WHEREAS, Senator Frerichs moved to Taiwan and studied
10Chinese at the National Cheng Kung University while teaching
11English; and
12 WHEREAS, Senator Frerichs taught at Rantoul Township High
13School while serving his community as a volunteer firefighter;
14he also served on the board of a local non-profit nursing home
15and was an active member of the Rotary Club of Urbana; and
16 WHEREAS, Senator Frerichs was twice elected to the
17Champaign County Board, where he fought against wasteful
18spending and was recognized for his independent voice; and
19 WHEREAS, Senator Frerichs served as the Champaign County

SR1692- 2 -LRB098 23491 MST 62661 r
1Auditor, where he established a reputation as a financial
2watchdog, receiving awards for his transparent financial
3reporting; and
4 WHEREAS, Senator Frerichs has been an innovative leader in
5the Illinois Senate, highlighted by his passage of the 2007 law
6authorizing stem cell research in Illinois, further elevating
7the State as a national leader in promoting critical medical
8research to alleviate medical conditions such as Parkinson's
9Disease, juvenile diabetes, and different forms of cancer; and
10 WHEREAS, Senator Frerichs is a strong advocate for
11government transparency and has worked to end "pay to play"
12politics in State government; and
13 WHEREAS, Senator Frerichs voted to impeach former Governor
14Blagojevich and made a motion to disqualify him from ever
15holding public office in Illinois again; and
16 WHEREAS, Senator Frerichs led efforts to abolish the
17General Assembly tuition waiver program due to the struggles
18Illinois colleges and universities faced as well as abuses of
19the program; and
20 WHEREAS, Senator Frerichs has the distinct honor of
21representing the University of Illinois as the Higher Education

SR1692- 3 -LRB098 23491 MST 62661 r
1Committee Chairman; he passed an innovative law to jump start
2Illinois' "Pay it forward, Pay it Back" pilot tuition program
3to make college affordable for Illinois residents regardless of
4their financial situation; and
5 WHEREAS, Senator Frerichs knows the importance of the
6agriculture industry in Illinois; growing up in a small farming
7town gave him a solid foundation as the Chairman of the
8Agriculture Committee to reflect on and support agriculture
9policies for farmers across Illinois; his efforts were
10recognized in 2008, 2010, 2012, and 2014 by the Illinois Farm
11Bureau by being awarded the Friend of Agriculture Award; he
12also was awarded the 2010 Legislative Award for his outstanding
13service to the swine industry by the Illinois Pork Producers
14Association; and
15 WHEREAS, Senator Frerichs fought to help his hometown of
16Gifford after the November 2013 tornadoes; he led the charge to
17introduce legislation to help business owners recover from
18natural disasters in Illinois by providing them with property
19tax relief and working closely with State agencies to secure
20close to $1 million to help rebuild and repair the Village of
21Gifford and Compromise Township; he will continue to work with
22local stakeholders to ensure the residents of Gifford are given
23the necessary resources to be successful in their efforts; and

SR1692- 4 -LRB098 23491 MST 62661 r
1 WHEREAS, Senator Frerichs understands the importance of
2advocating for a strong local economy and has been an advocate
3of promoting job creation across Illinois in a number of ways,
4including his leadership as co-chair of the bipartisan Senate
5Special Committee on Enterprise Zone Extensions that has
6traveled the State to gather input on proposed legislation to
7modernize and extend the Enterprise Zone Program; in
8recognition of his efforts, the Illinois Enterprise Zone
9Association presented Senator Frerichs with the 2012
10Legislative Achievement Award; and
11 WHEREAS, Senator Frerichs understands our returning heroes
12have risked their lives for our nation and we should do what we
13can to recognize them for their service; in 2008, he passed a
14law to allow Vietnam veterans to receive their high school
15diplomas, which helped many Vietnam Veterans who were drafted
16before they could finish high school; and
17 WHEREAS, Senator Frerichs worked for years to pass fracking
18legislation that would protect the environment and allow us to
19take advantage of various economic opportunities by
20implementing the toughest fracking regulations in the nation;
21to honor his work and service to the environment the Illinois
22Environmental Council (IEC) presented Senator Frerichs with
23the IEC's Environmental Leadership Award; and

SR1692- 5 -LRB098 23491 MST 62661 r
1 WHEREAS, Senator Frerichs has worked for years to give
2legal voters every opportunity possible to go out and practice
3their civic duty; he sponsored a law to require election
4authorities to conduct grace period registration, grace period
5voting, and early voting at public universities, colleges and
6community colleges in Illinois to make voting more accessible
7to college students who wish to vote, but are unable to do so
8due to lack of transportation or busy school schedules; and
9 WHEREAS, Senator Frerichs, as the co-chairman of the
10bipartisan Commission on Government Forecasting and
11Accountability (COGFA), helped resolve a dispute over the
12bidding process for State employee health insurance contracts
13and continues to serve as a voice for downstate employees
14worried about their benefits; and
15 WHEREAS, Senator Frerichs is the first Democrat from
16Champaign County elected to any Statewide constitutional
17office; and
18 WHEREAS, Senator Frerichs is the father of his loving and
19wonderful daughter Ella Frerichs; he will be dearly missed by
20all in this chamber; therefore, be it
22ASSEMBLY OF THE STATE OF ILLINOIS, that we thank State Senator

SR1692- 6 -LRB098 23491 MST 62661 r
1Michael Frerichs for his dedicated service to the people of
2Illinois and honor him with this resolution; and be it further
3 RESOLVED, That a suitable copy of this resolution be
4presented to Senator Frerichs with our best wishes for him as
5he prepares to serve Illinois as our next State Treasurer.