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IDS1207PassSEED INDEMNITY FUND LAW -- Amends existing law to provide certain net worth and bond requirements, to provide that the director of the Idaho State Department of Agriculture may deny the issuance of a license or renewal based on specified criteria and...
Session Law Chapter 153 Effective: 07/01/2018
IDS1218PassENVIRONMENTAL QUALITY -- Amends and adds to existing law regarding poultry animal feeding operations; to provide that specified law shall not affect the authority of the Department of Environmental Quality to administer and enforce an Idaho NPDES pro...
Session Law Chapter 22 Effective: 03/01/2018
IDS1272IntroPOISONOUS PLANTS -- Adds to existing law to require labeling on poisonous plants offered for sale; to provide labeling requirements; and to provide for public outreach and the compilation of a list of poisonous plants by the director of the Idaho Sta...
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