Iowa Senator Daniel Zumbach [R]

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IASR27IntroA resolution recognizing and congratulating the Kirkwood Community College basketball team on winning the 2019 National Junior College Athletic Association Division II national basketball tournament.
To Senate Rules and Administration Committee
IASF192IntroA bill for an act relating to taking a capital gain deduction for the sale of real property used in a farming business. (See SF 627.)
Reported out of committee as SF 627. S.J. 1010.
IASR19IntroA resolution congratulating and honoring University of Iowa wrestler Spencer Lee for his outstanding wrestling accomplishments, including a second consecutive National Collegiate Athletic Association wrestling championship title at the 125 pound weig...
Resolution adopted. S.J. 895.
IASR20IntroA resolution urging an investigation and review of the actions of the Army Corps of Engineers related to flood control in Western Iowa and a request that the Army Corps of Engineers be required to return to its primary mission of flood control.
To Senate Rules and Administration Committee
IASF279IntroA bill for an act relating to hemp, including the regulation of hemp, providing for enforcement and the confiscation and destruction or disposal of certain property, providing for fees, making appropriations, including penalties, and providing implem...
Reported out of committee as SF 599. S.J. 711.
IASCR7IntroA concurrent resolution recognizing the importance of multilateral trade agreements to Iowa's economy and urging Congress to enact legislation to implement a multilateral trade agreement between the United States, Canada, and Mexico.
Withdrawn. S.J. 607.
IASF296IntroA bill for an act creating a capital murder offense by establishing the penalty of death for murder in the first degree offenses involving kidnapping and sexual abuse offenses against the same victim who is a minor, and including effective date and a...
Reported out of committee as SF 588. S.J. 548.
IASF243IntroA bill for an act relating to the employment of unauthorized aliens and providing penalties. (See SF 516.)
Reported out of committee as SF 516. S.J. 490.
IASF390IntroA bill for an act prohibiting public employers from seeking the criminal record or criminal history from applicants for employment under certain circumstances, establishing a criminal history employment application task force, providing penalties, an...
To Senate Labor and Business Relations Committee
IASF373IntroA bill for an act relating to bicycles being overtaken and passed by certain farm vehicles, and providing penalties.
To Senate Transportation Committee
IASF262IntroA bill for an act relating to the recovery of costs and certain payment disclosures associated with the closure of electric power generating facilities.
To Senate Commerce Committee
IASF155IntroA bill for an act relating to the practice of barbering in movable locations.
To Senate State Government Committee
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