Bill Text: FL S7048 | 2023 | Regular Session | Comm Sub

Bill Title: Space Florida

Spectrum: Committee Bill

Status: (Introduced) 2023-05-03 - Laid on Table, companion bill(s) passed, see CS/HB 7041 (Ch. 2023-200), CS/CS/HB 5 (Ch. 2023-173) [S7048 Detail]

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       Florida Senate - 2023                             CS for SB 7048
       By the Committees on Rules; and Military and Veterans Affairs,
       Space, and Domestic Security
       595-04043-23                                          20237048c1
    1                        A bill to be entitled                      
    2         An act relating to Space Florida; amending s. 20.60,
    3         F.S.; requiring the Secretary of Economic Opportunity
    4         to serve as the manager for the state with respect to
    5         contracts with Space Florida; requiring that an annual
    6         report submitted by the Department of Economic
    7         Opportunity include specified information provided by
    8         Space Florida and a certain analysis; amending s.
    9         288.0001, F.S.; requiring the Office of Economic and
   10         Demographic Research and the Office of Program Policy
   11         Analysis and Government Accountability to provide to
   12         the Governor and the Legislature an analysis of Space
   13         Florida; amending s. 331.303, F.S.; revising the
   14         definitions of the terms “aerospace” and “landing
   15         area”; amending s. 331.305, F.S.; making a technical
   16         change; amending s. 331.3051, F.S.; revising the
   17         duties of Space Florida; requiring the Department of
   18         Economic Opportunity to annually submit a proposed
   19         operating budget by a specified date; requiring Space
   20         Florida to annually report on its performance by a
   21         specified date; specifying information that the report
   22         must include; requiring Space Florida to provide a
   23         copy of a certain facilities report to specified
   24         recipients; amending s. 331.3081, F.S.; revising
   25         membership of the board of directors of Space Florida;
   26         providing for certain Senate confirmation; specifying
   27         requirements for the appointing official, staggered
   28         terms, reappointments, filling of vacancies, and
   29         removal of members; providing that appointed members
   30         serve without compensation but may receive
   31         reimbursement for per diem and travel expenses;
   32         specifying requirements regarding meetings of the
   33         board of directors; specifying what constitutes a
   34         quorum and when the board of directors may take
   35         official action; authorizing meetings through
   36         teleconference; providing that open meeting and public
   37         records laws apply to Space Florida and its board of
   38         directors; requiring the board to conduct certain
   39         education programs for new board members; prohibiting
   40         Space Florida from endorsing a candidate for elected
   41         public office or contributing moneys to such
   42         candidate’s campaign; specifying that members of the
   43         existing board may serve until a specified date;
   44         requiring that the appointments of certain board
   45         members take effect on a specified date; amending s.
   46         331.310, F.S.; conforming a cross-reference; revising
   47         the powers and duties of the board of directors of
   48         Space Florida; amending s. 331.3101, F.S.; revising
   49         the scheduled expiration of provisions requiring
   50         certain information in an annual report; deleting the
   51         scheduled expiration of provisions relating to the
   52         expenditure of certain funds; amending s. 331.312,
   53         F.S.; expanding the authority that Space Florida may
   54         exercise within certain geographical limits; amending
   55         s. 331.313, F.S.; requiring Space Florida to consult
   56         with certain agencies and jurisdictions regarding
   57         certain roads; requiring Space Florida to advise the
   58         Department of Transportation of certain determinations
   59         and take certain actions relating to certain
   60         construction projects; requiring Space Florida to
   61         transfer certain funds to the Department of
   62         Transportation; authorizing the Department of
   63         Transportation to proceed with certain construction or
   64         maintenance in a certain manner; amending s. 331.324,
   65         F.S.; requiring that certain contracts include
   66         provisions requiring an auditor report to provide
   67         certain periodic assessments; requiring Space Florida
   68         to submit the auditor’s final assessment report to
   69         specified entities; requiring the board of directors
   70         to submit a certain statement to the Department of
   71         Economic Opportunity within a specified timeframe;
   72         providing construction; providing an effective date
   74  Be It Enacted by the Legislature of the State of Florida:
   76         Section 1. Paragraph (b) of subsection (9) and paragraph
   77  (b) of subsection (10) of section 20.60, Florida Statutes, are
   78  amended to read:
   79         20.60 Department of Economic Opportunity; creation; powers
   80  and duties.—
   81         (9) The secretary shall:
   82         (b) Serve as the manager for the state with respect to
   83  contracts with Space Florida, Enterprise Florida, Inc., and all
   84  applicable direct-support organizations. To accomplish the
   85  provisions of this section and applicable provisions of chapters
   86  chapter 288 and 331, and notwithstanding the provisions of part
   87  I of chapter 287, the secretary shall enter into specific
   88  contracts with Space Florida, Enterprise Florida, Inc., and
   89  other appropriate direct-support organizations. Such contracts
   90  may be for multiyear terms and must include specific performance
   91  measures for each year. For purposes of this section, the
   92  Florida Tourism Industry Marketing Corporation and the Institute
   93  for Commercialization of Florida Technology are not appropriate
   94  direct-support organizations.
   95         (10) The department, with assistance from Enterprise
   96  Florida, Inc., shall, by November 1 of each year, submit an
   97  annual report to the Governor, the President of the Senate, and
   98  the Speaker of the House of Representatives on the condition of
   99  the business climate and economic development in the state.
  100         (b) The report must incorporate annual reports of other
  101  programs, including:
  102         1. Information provided by the Department of Revenue under
  103  s. 290.014.
  104         2. Information provided by enterprise zone development
  105  agencies under s. 290.0056 and an analysis of the activities and
  106  accomplishments of each enterprise zone.
  107         3. The Economic Gardening Business Loan Pilot Program
  108  established under s. 288.1081 and the Economic Gardening
  109  Technical Assistance Pilot Program established under s.
  110  288.1082.
  111         4. A detailed report of the performance of the Black
  112  Business Loan Program and a cumulative summary of quarterly
  113  report data required under s. 288.714.
  114         5. The Rural Economic Development Initiative established
  115  under s. 288.0656.
  116         6. The Florida Unique Abilities Partner Program.
  117         7. A detailed report of the performance of the Florida
  118  Development Finance Corporation and a summary of the
  119  corporation’s report required under s. 288.9610.
  120         8.Information provided by Space Florida under s. 331.3051
  121  and an analysis of the activities and accomplishments of Space
  122  Florida.
  123         Section 2. Paragraph (a) of subsection (2) of section
  124  288.0001, Florida Statutes, is amended to read:
  125         288.0001 Economic Development Programs Evaluation.—The
  126  Office of Economic and Demographic Research and the Office of
  127  Program Policy Analysis and Government Accountability (OPPAGA)
  128  shall develop and present to the Governor, the President of the
  129  Senate, the Speaker of the House of Representatives, and the
  130  chairs of the legislative appropriations committees the Economic
  131  Development Programs Evaluation.
  132         (2) The Office of Economic and Demographic Research and
  133  OPPAGA shall provide a detailed analysis of economic development
  134  programs as provided in the following schedule:
  135         (a) By January 1, 2014, and every 3 years thereafter, an
  136  analysis of the following:
  137         1. The capital investment tax credit established under s.
  138  220.191.
  139         2. The qualified target industry tax refund established
  140  under s. 288.106.
  141         3. The brownfield redevelopment bonus refund established
  142  under s. 288.107.
  143         4. High-impact business performance grants established
  144  under s. 288.108.
  145         5. The Quick Action Closing Fund established under s.
  146  288.1088.
  147         6. The Innovation Incentive Program established under s.
  148  288.1089.
  149         7. Enterprise Zone Program incentives established under ss.
  150  212.08(5) and (15), 212.096, 220.181, and 220.182.
  151         8. The New Markets Development Program established under
  152  ss. 288.991-288.9922.
  153         9. Space Florida established under s. 331.302.
  154         Section 3. Subsections (1) and (9) of section 331.303,
  155  Florida Statutes, are amended to read:
  156         331.303 Definitions.—
  157         (1) “Aerospace” means the technology and industry related
  158  to the design, manufacture, maintenance, repair, and operation
  159  of aircraft or any other devices intended to be used or designed
  160  for flight or reentry, including that designs and manufactures
  161  aircraft, rockets, missiles, spacecraft, satellites, space
  162  vehicles, space stations, space and aircraft facilities or
  163  components thereof, and related equipment, systems, facilities,
  164  simulators, programs, and related activities, including, but not
  165  limited to, the application of aerospace and aviation
  166  technologies in air-based, land-based, space-based, and sea
  167  based platforms for commercial, civil, and defense purposes.
  168         (9) “Landing area” means the geographical area designated
  169  by Space Florida, or another appropriate body, within the
  170  spaceport territory for or intended for the landing,
  171  controlling, assisting, flying, navigating, piloting,
  172  maintenance, construction, and surface maneuvering of any launch
  173  or other space vehicle or aerospace technology or craft.
  174         Section 4. Subsection (13) of section 331.305, Florida
  175  Statutes, is amended to read:
  176         331.305 Powers of Space Florida.—Space Florida may:
  177         (13) Own, acquire, construct, reconstruct, equip, operate,
  178  maintain, extend, or improve electric power plants, transmission
  179  lines and related facilities, gas mains and facilities of any
  180  nature for the production or distribution of natural gas,
  181  transmission lines and related facilities and plants and
  182  facilities for the generation and transmission of power through
  183  traditional and new and experimental sources of power and
  184  energy; purchase electric power, natural gas, and other sources
  185  of power for distribution within any spaceport territory;
  186  develop and operate water and sewer systems and waste collection
  187  and disposal consistent with chapter 88-130, Laws of Florida;
  188  and develop and operate such new and experimental public
  189  utilities, including, but not limited to, centrally distributed
  190  heating and air-conditioning facilities and services, closed
  191  circuit television systems, and computer services and
  192  facilities, as the board may from time to time determine.
  193  However, Space Florida may not construct any system, work,
  194  project, or utility authorized to be constructed under this
  195  subsection paragraph in the event that a system, work, project,
  196  or utility of a similar character is being actually operated by
  197  a municipality or private company in the municipality or
  198  territory adjacent thereto, unless such municipality or private
  199  company consents to such construction.
  200         Section 5. Present subsection (11) of section 331.3051,
  201  Florida Statutes, is redesignated as subsection (14) and
  202  amended, a new subsection (11) and subsections (12) and (13) are
  203  added to that section, and subsections (2), (3), and (6) and
  204  paragraph (e) of subsection (7) of that section are amended, to
  205  read:
  206         331.3051 Duties of Space Florida.—Space Florida shall:
  207         (2) Enter into agreement with the Department of Education,
  208  the Department of Transportation, the Department of Economic
  209  Opportunity Enterprise Florida, Inc., and CareerSource Florida,
  210  Inc., for the purpose of implementing this act.
  211         (3) In cooperation with the Department of Economic
  212  Opportunity Enterprise Florida, Inc., develop a plan to retain,
  213  expand, attract, and create aerospace industry entities, public
  214  or private, which results in the creation of high-value-added
  215  businesses and jobs in this state. By August 15 of each fiscal
  216  year, the Department of Economic Opportunity shall submit a
  217  proposed operating budget for Space Florida, which includes
  218  amounts to be expended on incentives, advertising, events, other
  219  operating capital outlay, and salaries and benefits for each
  220  employee, to the Governor, the President of the Senate, and the
  221  Speaker of the House of Representatives.
  222         (6) Develop, in cooperation with the Department of Economic
  223  Opportunity Enterprise Florida, Inc., a plan to provide
  224  financing assistance to aerospace businesses. The plan may
  225  include the following activities:
  226         (a) Assembling, publishing, and disseminating information
  227  concerning financing opportunities and techniques for aerospace
  228  projects, programs, and activities; sources of public and
  229  private aerospace financing assistance; and sources of
  230  aerospace-related financing.
  231         (b) Organizing, hosting, and participating in seminars and
  232  other forums designed to disseminate information and technical
  233  assistance regarding aerospace-related financing.
  234         (c) Coordinating with programs and goals of the Department
  235  of Defense, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration,
  236  the Export-Import Bank of the United States, the International
  237  Trade Administration of the United States Department of
  238  Commerce, the Foreign Credit Insurance Association, and other
  239  private and public programs and organizations, domestic and
  240  foreign.
  241         (d) Establishing a network of contacts among those domestic
  242  and foreign public and private organizations that provide
  243  information, technical assistance, and financial support to the
  244  aerospace industry.
  245         (e) Financing aerospace business development projects or
  246  initiatives using funds provided by the Legislature.
  247         (7) Carry out its responsibilities for spaceport operations
  248  by:
  249         (e) Consulting regularly, as necessary, with the
  250  appropriate federal, state, and local authorities, including the
  251  National Aeronautics and Space Administration, the Federal
  252  Aviation Administration, the Department of Defense, the
  253  Department of Transportation, the Florida National Guard, and
  254  industry, on all aspects of establishing and operating spaceport
  255  infrastructure and related aerospace facilities within this the
  256  state.
  257         (11) Partner with the Board of Governors to foster
  258  technological advancement and economic development for spaceport
  259  activities by strengthening higher education programs and
  260  supporting aerospace activities.
  261         (12) Partner with the Division of Workforce Services of the
  262  Department of Economic Opportunity, CareerSource Florida, Inc.,
  263  and local workforce development boards to support initiatives
  264  that address the high technology skills and staff resources
  265  needed to better promote the state’s efforts in becoming the
  266  nation’s leader in aerospace and space exploration.
  267         (13) Partner with the Metropolitan Planning Organization
  268  Advisory Council to coordinate and specify how aerospace
  269  planning and programming will be part of the state’s cooperative
  270  transportation planning process.
  271         (14)(a)(11)In addition to the reporting requirements in
  272  chapter 189, report by each October 1 annually report on its
  273  performance during the previous fiscal year with respect to its
  274  business plan, to include finance, spaceport operations,
  275  research and development, workforce development, and education.
  276  Space Florida shall submit the report to the Department of
  277  Economic Opportunity for inclusion in the annual report required
  278  under s. 20.60 Governor, the President of the Senate, and the
  279  Speaker of the House of Representatives by November 30 for the
  280  previous fiscal year.
  281         (b) The annual report must include:
  282         1. Operations information as required under s.
  283  331.310(2)(e).
  284         2. Activities, accomplishments, and progress concerning the
  285  implementation of the spaceport master plan and other measurable
  286  goals, and any updates to such plan and goals.
  287         3. Data on the economic impact of the aerospace industry in
  288  this state during the previous year, including, but not limited
  289  to, the amount and sources of capital investment, the number of
  290  jobs created and retained, and annualized average wages, listed
  291  by geographic areas within this state as specified by the board.
  292         4. Any other information required by the Department of
  293  Economic Opportunity.
  294         (c) Space Florida shall provide a copy of the special
  295  district public facilities report required under s. 189.08 to
  296  Space Florida’s property owners, project owners, and users.
  297         Section 6. Section 331.3081, Florida Statutes, is amended
  298  to read:
  299         331.3081 Board of directors; officers and employees of
  300  Space Florida.—
  301         (1) Space Florida is shall be governed by an a 13-member
  302  independent board of directors composed of that consists of the
  303  members appointed to the board of directors of Enterprise
  304  Florida, Inc., by the Governor, the President of the Senate, and
  305  the Speaker of the House of Representatives pursuant to s.
  306  288.901(5)(a)8. and the Governor, who shall serve ex officio, or
  307  who may appoint a designee to serve, as the chair and a voting
  308  member of the board, and the following appointed members:
  309         (a) The Secretary of Transportation, or his or her
  310  designee.
  311         (b) Four members appointed by the Governor.
  312         (c) One member appointed by the President of the Senate.
  313         (d)One member who is appointed by the President of the
  314  Senate from the members of the Senate and who shall serve ex
  315  officio as a nonvoting member of the board.
  316         (e) One member appointed by the Speaker of the House of
  317  Representatives.
  318         (f)One member who is appointed by the Speaker of the House
  319  of Representatives from the members of the House of
  320  Representatives and who shall serve ex officio as a nonvoting
  321  member of the board.
  322         (g) Three representatives appointed by the Governor, who
  323  shall serve ex officio as nonvoting members of the board, one
  324  each from the following:
  325         1. An airport authority with the capability for horizontal
  326  launches, such as the Jacksonville Aviation Authority or the
  327  Titusville-Cocoa Airport Authority.
  328         2. Operations or management of a port district or port
  329  authority, as defined in s. 315.02(1) or (2), respectively.
  330         3. Operations or management of a spaceport territory, as
  331  identified in s. 331.304.
  332         (2)(a)All members of the board who are appointed by the
  333  Governor are subject to confirmation by the Senate. When making
  334  appointments to the board, except for the appointments under
  335  paragraphs (1)(d) and (f), the appointing official shall:
  336         1.Select an individual to serve who reflects the state’s
  337  interests in the aerospace sector and represents the intent,
  338  duties, and purpose of Space Florida; or
  339         2. Select an individual who has at least 5 years of
  340  experience in at least one of the following areas:
  341         a.The aerospace industry, including technology,
  342  manufacturing, or supply chain fields, and human space flight.
  343  Such member may not be employed at the time of appointment by an
  344  entity that is under contract with Space Florida.
  345         b.Bond financing.
  346         c.Academic study of aerospace, aviation, or a relevant
  347  science.
  348         d.Management or operation of aircraft facilities, fixed
  349  base operations, or commercial airport operations.
  350         e.Management or finance of a technology or manufacturing
  351  startup business or international business.
  352         3.Ensure that the appointee is a resident of this state or
  353  has a business enterprise in this state.
  354         (b)Appointed members shall serve 4-year terms, except that
  355  to provide for staggered terms, the Governor shall initially
  356  appoint two members to serve 2-year terms, two members to serve
  357  3-year terms, and one member to serve a 4-year term. The initial
  358  appointees of the President of the Senate and the Speaker of the
  359  House of Representatives shall serve 4-year terms. All
  360  subsequent appointments shall be for 4-year terms.
  361         (c)Initial appointments must be made by October 1, 2023.
  362  Terms end on September 30 of the last year of the member’s term.
  363         (d)Any member is eligible for reappointment, except that a
  364  member may not serve more than two 4-year terms.
  365         (e)A vacancy on the board of directors must be filled for
  366  the remainder of the unexpired term in the same manner as the
  367  original appointment.
  368         (f)Appointed members may be removed by the appointing
  369  official for cause. Absence from three consecutive meetings is
  370  cause for removal.
  371         (3)Board members shall serve without compensation, but are
  372  entitled to receive reimbursement for per diem and travel
  373  expenses pursuant to s. 112.061. Such expenses must be paid out
  374  of Space Florida funds.
  375         (4)(a)The board of directors shall meet at least
  376  quarterly, upon the call of the chair, or at the request of a
  377  majority of the membership.
  378         (b)A majority of the total number of current voting
  379  members constitutes a quorum. The board of directors may take
  380  official action by a majority vote of the members present at any
  381  meeting at which a quorum is present.
  382         (c)Meetings may be held through teleconference or other
  383  electronic means.
  384         (5)Open meeting and public records requirements of chapter
  385  119 and s. 286.011 apply to Space Florida and its board of
  386  directors.
  387         (6)The board shall conduct education programs for newly
  388  appointed board members as provided by the Department of
  389  Economic Opportunity in accordance with s. 189.063.
  390         (7)Space Florida may not endorse any candidate for elected
  391  public office or contribute moneys to the campaign of any such
  392  candidate.
  393         Section 7. Members appointed to the board of directors of
  394  Space Florida before the effective date of this act may continue
  395  to serve on the board until October 1, 2023. All new
  396  appointments to the board of directors as required in s.
  397  331.3081, Florida Statutes, as amended by this act, shall take
  398  effect on October 1, 2023.
  399         Section 8. Paragraphs (e) and (f) of subsection (2) of
  400  section 331.310, Florida Statutes, are amended to read:
  401         331.310 Powers and duties of the board of directors.—
  402         (2) The board of directors shall:
  403         (e) Prepare an annual report of operations as a supplement
  404  to the annual report required under s. 331.3051(14) s.
  405  331.3051(11). The report must include, but not be limited to, a
  406  balance sheet, an income statement, a statement of changes in
  407  financial position, a reconciliation of changes in equity
  408  accounts, a summary of significant accounting principles, the
  409  auditor’s report, a summary of the status of existing and
  410  proposed bonding projects, comments from management about the
  411  year’s business, and prospects for the next year.
  412         (f) Establish a personnel management system and appropriate
  413  security controls, including access privileges and other
  414  measures to protect the confidentiality, integrity, and
  415  availability of data and resources.
  416         Section 9. Subsections (5) and (6) of section 331.3101,
  417  Florida Statutes, are amended to read:
  418         331.3101 Space Florida; travel and entertainment expenses.—
  419         (5) In addition to the requirements set forth for the
  420  annual report under subsection (3), the 2022 annual report by
  421  Space Florida must also:
  422         (a) Provide an itemized accounting, by date of travel, of
  423  all travel, entertainment, and incidental expenses incurred;
  424         (b) To the extent such expenses exceed the generally
  425  allowable expense limits under s. 112.061, provide reasons
  426  behind the need to exceed the statutory expense limits in s.
  427  112.061;
  428         (c) Categorize expenses for Space Florida board members,
  429  staff, employees, and business clients. The report must also set
  430  forth any expenses authorized by the board or its designee for a
  431  guest; and
  432         (d) Include information related to corrective actions and
  433  steps taken by Space Florida to address the findings in Auditor
  434  General Report No. 2022-049. This paragraph expires July 1, 2024
  435  This subsection expires July 1, 2023.
  436         (6) Notwithstanding the provisions of this section, travel
  437  and entertainment expenses incurred by Space Florida may only be
  438  for expenses that are solely and exclusively incurred in
  439  connection with the performance of its statutory duties and made
  440  in accordance with this subsection.
  441         (a) For the 2022-2023 fiscal year, Space Florida may not
  442  expend any funds, regardless of whether appropriated by the
  443  Legislature or from income earned by Space Florida, on travel
  444  and entertainment expenses for the fiscal year in excess of an
  445  amount equal to 4 percent of the amount appropriated to Space
  446  Florida in the General Appropriations Act. No Funds may not be
  447  expended on any recreational activities for any Space Florida
  448  board member, staff, employee, business client, or guest.
  449         (b) For the 2022-2023 fiscal year, Lodging expenses for a
  450  board member, staff, or an employee of Space Florida may not
  451  exceed $150 per day, excluding taxes, unless Space Florida is
  452  participating in a negotiated group rate discount or Space
  453  Florida provides documentation of at least three comparable
  454  alternatives demonstrating that such lodging at the required
  455  rate is not available. However, a board member, staff, or an
  456  employee of Space Florida may expend his or her own funds for
  457  any lodging expenses in excess of $150 per day.
  458         (c) This subsection expires July 1, 2023.
  459         Section 10. Section 331.312, Florida Statutes, is amended
  460  to read:
  461         331.312 Furnishing facilities and services within the
  462  spaceport territory.—Space Florida may own, acquire, construct,
  463  develop, create, maintain, equip, extend, improve, reconstruct,
  464  and operate its projects within the geographical limits of the
  465  spaceport territory, including any portions of the spaceport
  466  territory located inside the boundaries of any incorporated
  467  municipality or other political subdivision, and offer, supply,
  468  maintain, and furnish the facilities and services provided for
  469  in this act to, and establish and collect fees, rentals, and
  470  other charges from, persons, public or private, within the
  471  geographical limits of the spaceport territory and for the use
  472  of Space Florida itself.
  473         Section 11. Section 331.313, Florida Statutes, is amended
  474  to read:
  475         331.313 Power of Space Florida with respect to roads.—
  476         (1) Within the territorial limits of any spaceport
  477  territory, Space Florida may acquire, through purchase or
  478  interagency agreement, or as otherwise provided in law, and
  479  construct, control, and maintain, roads deemed necessary by
  480  Space Florida and connections thereto and extensions thereof now
  481  or hereafter acquired, constructed, or maintained in accordance
  482  with established highway safety standards. However; provided
  483  that, in the event a road being addressed by Space Florida is
  484  owned by another agency or jurisdiction, Space Florida, before
  485  proceeding with the proposed project or work activity, must
  486  consult shall have either coordinated the desired work with the
  487  owning agency or jurisdiction that owns the road or shall have
  488  successfully executed an interagency agreement with the owning
  489  agency or jurisdiction.
  490         (2) Space Florida shall advise the Department of
  491  Transportation of any determination Space Florida makes to
  492  construct or maintain a road or bridge within its territory;
  493  provide the department with complete copies of all documents,
  494  agreements, resolutions, contracts, and instruments relating to
  495  such construction or maintenance; and, if necessary, request the
  496  department to perform such construction or maintenance work,
  497  including the acquisition of necessary rights-of-way, planning,
  498  surveying, and actual construction of the project. Space Florida
  499  shall transfer to the Department of Transportation any funds
  500  provided for such construction or maintenance. The Department of
  501  Transportation is authorized to proceed with such construction
  502  or maintenance and to use funds for such work in the same manner
  503  that the department is authorized to use the funds otherwise
  504  provided by law for construction of roads and bridges.
  505         Section 12. Section 331.324, Florida Statutes, is amended
  506  to read:
  507         331.324 Contracts, grants, and contributions.—
  508         (1) Space Florida may make and enter all contracts and
  509  agreements necessary or incidental to the performance of the
  510  functions of Space Florida and the execution of its powers, and
  511  may contract with, and accept and receive grants or loans of
  512  money, material, or property from, any person, private or
  513  public, as the board determines shall determine to be necessary
  514  or desirable to carry out the purposes of this act, and may, in
  515  connection with any such contract, grant, or loan, stipulate and
  516  agree to such covenants, terms, and conditions as the board
  517  deems shall deem appropriate.
  518         (2)(a) A contract with a service organization for services
  519  which exceeds $250,000 and is for a period of 12 months or
  520  longer must include provisions requiring an auditor report to
  521  provide periodic assessments of the effectiveness of the
  522  executed contract document, the service organization, and any
  523  other providers relevant to the contract, to ensure that the
  524  service organization maintains adequate internal controls to
  525  comply with the terms and conditions of the contract, to
  526  validate and receive goods and services, and to determine
  527  whether the contracted service is cost-effective and meets Space
  528  Florida’s requirements and goals.
  529         (b) Space Florida shall submit the auditor’s final report
  530  to the Space Florida board of directors and the Secretary of
  531  Economic Opportunity, or his or her designee. Within 30 days
  532  after receipt of the final report, the board shall submit to the
  533  Department of Economic Opportunity a written statement of
  534  explanation or rebuttal concerning findings requiring corrective
  535  action, including corrective action to be taken to preclude a
  536  recurrence of such findings.
  537         Section 13. In the event of a conflict of any provision of
  538  this act with the provisions of any other act, this act shall
  539  control to the extent of such conflict.
  540         Section 14. This act shall take effect July 1, 2023.