Arkansas Senator Scott Flippo [R]

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StanceStateBillStatusSummary/TitleLast Actionsort icon
ARSR18Fail To Clarify Gun Rights.
Sine Die adjournment
ARSB409PassTo Allow For The Electronic Notification Of An Invitation For Bids And Electronic Submission Of Bids; And To Create The Fair Notice And Efficiency In Public Works Act.
Notification that SB409 is now Act 1075
ARSB599PassTo Amend The Law Regarding The Issuance Of A Bond By A Regional Solid Waste Management District; And To Require Approval By The Quorum Court Prior To The Issuance Of A Bond.
Notification that SB599 is now Act 891
ARSB575PassConcerning The Fines, Fees, And Costs That May Be Assessed For Certain Violations.
Notification that SB575 is now Act 743
ARSB193PassTo Amend The Law Concerning The Training And Instruction Of A Deputy Coroner.
Notification that SB193 is now Act 238
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