Bill Text: IL HR0044 | 2021-2022 | 102nd General Assembly | Introduced

Bill Title: Congratulates Kathy Murray on the occasion of her retirement, thanks her for her many years of committed service to the Illinois General Assembly and the people of the State of Illinois, and wishes her many happy and healthy retirement years.

Spectrum: Partisan Bill (Democrat 1-0)

Status: (Passed) 2021-02-10 - Resolution Adopted [HR0044 Detail]

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HR0044LRB102 10481 LAW 15810 r
2 WHEREAS, The members of the Illinois House of
3Representatives wish to congratulate Kathy Murray on her
4retirement on December 31, 2020, after 20 years of dedicated
5service to the Illinois General Assembly and the House
6Democratic Caucus; and
7 WHEREAS, Throughout her career, Kathy Murray has gone out
8of her way to make those around her feel special while also
9tirelessly managing a wide variety of responsibilities; and
10 WHEREAS, Kathy Murray began her career with the Illinois
11House of Representatives in the House Transcription Office in
122001; after joining the House Democratic Issues Development
13Unit as a receptionist, she moved into the position of the
14office manager, a job she would hold for more than a decade;
16 WHEREAS, Kathy Murray was typically one of the first to
17arrive in the office every morning and among the last to leave
18in the evening; she often began the workday before 7 a.m. by
19updating and distributing charts to track where hundreds of
20bills were in the legislative process, marking floor calendars
21for staff, monitoring the committee schedule, ensuring staff
22were prepared, tracking press releases sent on behalf of

HR0044- 2 -LRB102 10481 LAW 15810 r
1members, and much more; her day would often not end until all
2staff had left and their time cards had been processed; and
3 WHEREAS, Even while handling her many duties, Kathy Murray
4felt a responsibility for the health and well-being of
5everyone in her office, going above and beyond to care for
6staff; she coordinated lunch orders for the entire office on
7busy session days and ensured everyone had eaten; she put her
8own work on hold to help anyone who asked; she was known for
9meeting anyone who came to her desk with a question or concern
10with compassion first and then doing everything she could to
11help; and
12 WHEREAS, Kathy Murray had an instinctive understanding of
13what she could provide to support everyone in her office,
14whether it was words of encouragement, a reminder about an
15assignment, a friendly ear to listen, or a funny story; and
16 WHEREAS, Kathy Murray's adventures and stories entertained
17all who worked with her, and she often humorously imparted
18important lessons for developing young professionals; her
19stories of big moments in Illinois political history and
20smaller memories made in the office showed new staffers their
21role in the bigger picture, while her unique encounters with
22celebrities like Tom Petty and Hulk Hogan served as a reminder
23to always pursue a memorable life; and

HR0044- 3 -LRB102 10481 LAW 15810 r
1 WHEREAS, Kathy Murray made sure birthdays in the office
2were celebrated, often coordinating elaborate decorations and
3themes, and prepared delicious homemade cakes and snacks
4suited to a person's particular tastes; and
5 WHEREAS, Kathy Murray wrote and enthusiastically performed
6songs for the office that wished many departing staffers good
7luck, taught those new to the office how to transfer phone
8calls, and helped those who listened find joy in moments big
9and small; and
10 WHEREAS, Kathy Murray has worked with many House members
11over the course of 20 years, and she has supported, mentored,
12and helped the professional growth of hundreds of staffers
13throughout her tenure; and
14 WHEREAS, Kathy Murray's attention to detail and desire to
15bring joy to those around her is demonstrated in her legendary
16Oscar watch parties, which featured limousine rides for
17friends and neighbors, ball gowns, and awards for attendees;
19 WHEREAS, Kathy Murray is the loving mother to Matthew,
20Brittney, Lisa, and Erica; she is a proud grandmother and a
21devoted dog mom; she loves traveling with family and finding

HR0044- 4 -LRB102 10481 LAW 15810 r
1new adventures; and
2 WHEREAS, Kathy Murray helped husband Vladimir Hlyvka
3pursue his Olympic dreams, cheering him on as he represented
4his native Ukraine as a ski jumper in the Winter Olympic Games
5in Nagano, Japan in 1998 and Salt Lake City, Utah in 2002; and
6 WHEREAS, Kathy Murray has been an extraordinary caretaker
7during her mother's senior years; even when work
8responsibilities required her to be in the office seven days a
9week, she has still taken time to enjoy Sunday breakfast with
10her mother and watch favorite movies together on repeat; and
11 WHEREAS, Kathy Murray is retiring to her native Tarpin
12Springs, Florida with her family, where she hopes to entertain
13many friends visiting from Illinois and plans to pursue her
14dream of being the Fairy Godmother at Disney World; and
15 WHEREAS, Kathy Murray's hard work and tireless commitment
16to those around her helped to make all the work of this chamber
17possible, and she will be fondly remembered by all to whom she
18has been a friend, a mentor, a caretaker, and a source of joy;
19therefore, be it

HR0044- 5 -LRB102 10481 LAW 15810 r
1we congratulate Kathy Murray on the occasion of her
2retirement, thank her for her many years of committed service
3to the Illinois General Assembly and the people of the State of
4Illinois, and wish her many happy and healthy retirement
5years; and be it further
6 RESOLVED, That a suitable copy of this resolution be
7presented to Kathy Murray as a symbol of our esteem and