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MDHB1364EngrossEstablishing the Historic St. Mary's City Fort to 400 Commission to plan and conduct observances in 2034 commemorating the 400th anniversary of Maryland's founding; requiring the membership of the Commission to reflect the diversity of the State to t...
Second Reading Passed
MDHB183EnrollRequiring each official custodian to adopt a policy of proactive disclosure of public records that are available for inspection; authorizing the official custodian to adopt a policy appropriate to the type of public record, to reflect the staff and r...
Returned Passed
MDHB121IntroEstablishing the Maryland Reparations Commission; providing for the composition, staffing, chair and vice chair, and terms of the members of the Commission; providing that the purpose of the Commission is to develop and administer a program for the p...
To House Health and Government Operations Committee
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