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HISB659EngrossAllows the low-income housing tax credit to be allocated among the partners or members of the partnership or limited liability company earning the credit in any manner agreed to by the partners or members. Requires Internal Revenue Service Form 8609 ...
Received notice of discharge of all conferees (Hse. Com. No. 630).
HISB82EngrossRequires each new member of a board or commission to participate in an orientation and training session with the head of the department with jurisdiction of that member's board or commission or their designee. Requires each department and agency to t...
To House Finance Committee
HIHB1105EngrossRequires the board of regents of the University of Hawaii candidate advisory council to present candidates for the board regents who reflect the diverse student population, counties, and higher education-related stakeholders. Amends the various appoi...
To Senate Higher Education Committee
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