Florida Code | Chapter 119Article 071 | Passed

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FLS0186PassDefining the term "killing of a victim of mass violence"; expanding an existing exemption from public records requirements for a photograph or a video or audio recording held by an agency which depicts or records the killing of a law enforcement offi...
Chapter No. 2019-46
FLH7009PassRemoves scheduled repeal of exemption from public record requirements for certain personal identifying & location information of specified personnel of DOH, & spouses & children thereof.
Chapter No. 2019-28, companion bill(s) passed, see CS/CS/CS/SB 248 (Ch. 2019-12)
FLS0248PassExpanding exemptions from public records requirements for agency personnel information by defining the term "home addresses" for purposes of public records exemptions for personal identifying and location information of certain agency personnel and t...
Chapter No. 2019-12, companion bill(s) passed, see HB 7009 (Ch. 2019-28)
FLS0004PassDeleting provisions that have expired, have become obsolete, have had their effect, have served their purpose, or have been impliedly repealed or superseded, etc.
Chapter No. 2019-3
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