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MDSB556PassApplying certain provisions of law that relate to collective bargaining for State employees to certain employees of the Maryland School for the Deaf; establishing a separate collective bargaining unit for certain faculty at the Maryland School for th...
Enacted under Article II, Section 17(c) of the Maryland Constitution - Chapter 804
MDSB9VetoRequiring the Chancellor of the University System of Maryland to act on behalf of the University System of Maryland and certain system institutions for the purpose of collective bargaining; requiring the Chancellor and the exclusive representative to...
Vetoed by the Governor (Policy)
MDSB2PassAltering from voting to nonvoting the type of membership position the Executive Director of the Maryland Environmental Service holds on the Board of Directors of the Service; removing the Deputy Director of the Service from the Board of Directors; re...
Approved by the Governor - Chapter 72

Sine Die
Granting collective bargaining rights to certain graduate students at an institution within the University System of Maryland, Morgan State University, or St. Mary's College of Maryland.
To Senate Finance Committee
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