Maryland Code | Chapter General Provisions Article 4 | Engrossed

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MDSB234EngrossRequiring an officer, an employee, an agent, or a contractor of the State or a political subdivision to deny inspection by a federal agency seeking access for certain immigration enforcement matters of the part of a public record that contains person...
To House Rules and Executive Nominations Committee
MDSB449EngrossRequiring each official custodian to adopt a policy of proactive disclosure of public records available for inspection; authorizing the official custodian to adopt a policy appropriate to the type of public record, to reflect the staff and resources ...
To House Health and Government Operations Committee
MDHB272EngrossProhibiting a definition of "sociological information" adopted in rules or regulations by an official custodian for certain purposes from including a certain notice, or a list of the recipients of a certain notice; requiring a custodian to deny inspe...
To Senate Education Health and Environmental Affairs Committee
MDSB690EngrossRequiring a custodian of records to deny inspection of the part of a recording from a certain body-worn digital recording device worn by a law enforcement officer regarding certain individuals; requiring certain notification of certain individuals; r...
To House Judiciary Committee
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