USA off to the FIFA finals in women soccer

That is a quite a show that USA put up in their first game for the FIFA match. The offense and defense are great and their Korean opponents are just baffled by Pia Sundhage team. This is a great way to go so that they will continue on to the finals.  
If team USA remains in the way they played against Korea, then they are off to the FIFA Finals. They played a good balance of wits, defense, goal keeping and defense. The Korean team may have been taken aback by the strength of the US Team. Coach Kim Kwang Min should take into consideration coursework gcse on defense and offense. The team should also be working on to improve their goal shot attempts and even their stamina, a custom paper can help. If Korea can take the physical intensity of the game more, they can have some good games too, Ri Ye Gyong and Hong Myong Hui should put in more into this too. Team USA, on the other hand, should play exactly as they did so that they will reach that championship game. Aside from the great game, they are also clean players as no yellow cards are issued to them; this is also true for their Asian opponents. A great start for team USA, hopefully it would be a great season for them too – attention to Wombach, Cheney and Buehler, as well as all others in the team.