The Jazz Is Getting Alive with Duke Ellington

     Ask any fan of Duke Ellington   about his favorite album and you’ll definitely hear the answer: “Ellington at Newport , of course!”. Why do they make this choice? Oh, guys, it’s not a simple topic for discussion and no college essay paper would be enough to describe it precisely. One thing counts – the golden period of Duke’s career has started from Newport, where influential jazz musician did all his best.
    There was middle of July in 1956, when Newport received the guests from all parts of America. The reason was obvious – Newport Jazz Festival prepared to charge the audience with positive energy of jazz. Right there, hundreds of people became witnesses of Duke Ellington’s “resurrection”. Original release (remastered version was issued in 1999) consists of five jazz hits. Ellington’s group of famous faces like Jimmy Hamilton, Paul Gonsalves, Quentin Jackson, Johnny Hodges, Sam Woodyard and others recorded this album right on the concert. Before that event some supporters doubted about the Ellington’s music potential: probably there were feelings of Duke’s self-replaying. But the fear was in vain.
    Brilliant, catchy, well-tuned work from the first “Festival Junction” till the last one “Diminuendo and Crescendo in Blue” had an effect of “mind-cracker”. It was performed with fantastic enthusiasm, energy, good mood and light movements on the stage. All of these tracks deserve ordering an essay at a law essay writing service and the magnificent piano keys of Duke Ellington’s are still sounding in our ears.