Importance of Music Movements of the 2000s

Similarly to any other epoch, the beginning of the 21st century is featured with the particular music tastes and patterns of music movements development. On the one hand, music has been also regarded as the indicator of social development, on the other hand, this is a type of social protest against something.   Considering the amount of protests, the times of hippies have already passed, and the youth can only protest against their parents for not getting enough pocket money. In other words, the society has nothing to protest against, or these protests can not be offered in the songs. Hence, music movements of 2000s may be regarded as the necessity to show off, to relax, to find the birds of feather, as well as to reveal feelings and emotions that may be originated by anything. In comparison with the music movements of the previous years that deserved in-depth researches in writing an academic essay, the social importance of the nowadays music movements will not suffice for topics essays.  The importance of the contemporary music movements may be explained by the fact that these are mainly linked with the freedom of feelings, and expression of these feelings. Hence, the youth stays open and unscrewed-up. This is, probably, the most important factor of social development, and some psychologists may regard it as the key factor of social protest offered by music movements of the 21st century.