The Art Emanating from Headlines

The National Gallery of Art in Washington embarks to a unique exhibit that showcases the work of an artist whose crafts are inspired by headlines on a tabloid.
The museum’s Warhol: Headlines is an exhibit that displays the different artworks of a known artist, Andy Warhol, which are tabloid inspired. The featured artist draws his inspiration on the theme and subject of his creative arts based on the tabloid news. The exhibit will show the sensational aspect brought about by news media as written in online essays. One can find the different sources which Warhol bases his works and make a good comparison on them. Many scholars have written about Warhol’s unique talent as an editor and author in their topics for essay. One can find about 80 of Warhol’s work in the exhibit. These are in the forms of paintings, sculpture and photography. Others are in the form of videos, television and films. The subjects of his works include variations from celebrity, children, calamities, and death, anything that may be presented in the tabloid as news and current events. Andy Warhol is in fact considered as one of the top American artists in the 20th century. The influences of Warhol are quite undisputable and his visual vocabulary has become a language to most contemporary artists. Being a famous painter and filmmaker, Andy Warhol has become an icon in his craft. And the public is given the chance to view some of his works at the National Gallery Art. Picture1