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Regular Session

AN ACT relating to the hospitalization of mentally ill persons; amending provisions for the emergency custody of mentally ill persons and hearing requirements; establishing treatment coordinators to assume the functions of gatekeepers; requiring rule...
[SF0031 2021 Detail][SF0031 2021 Text][SF0031 2021 Comments]
S:Died in Committee Returned Bill Pursuant to SR 5-4
Budget Session

(Engrossed - Dead)
AN ACT relating to education; requiring reports from the University of Wyoming; and providing for an effective date.
[SF0031 2020 Detail][SF0031 2020 Text][SF0031 2020 Comments]
COW:H Did not consider for COW
Regular Session

AN ACT relating to the revision of statutes; correcting statutory references and language resulting from inadvertent errors and omissions in previously adopted legislation; amending obsolete references; repealing provisions; renumbering sections; spe...
[SF0031 2019 Detail][SF0031 2019 Text][SF0031 2019 Comments]
Assigned Chapter Number 186
Budget Session

(Enrolled - Dead)
AN ACT relating to veterans; authorizing planning and design for a skilled nursing center for veterans; providing an appropriation; requiring reporting; and providing for an effective date.
[SF0031 2018 Detail][SF0031 2018 Text][SF0031 2018 Comments]
Speaker Signed SEA No. 0021
Regular Session

AN ACT relating to genetic information privacy; prohibiting the collection, retention and disclosure of genetic information without informed consent as specified; providing exceptions; providing for the retention and destruction of genetic informatio...
[SF0031 2017 Detail][SF0031 2017 Text][SF0031 2017 Comments]
Governor Vetoed SEA No. 0010
Budget Session

AN ACT relating to water development projects; authorizing specified level I and level II studies; providing appropriations; requiring reports; providing for reversion of unexpended funds; authorizing unobligated funds to be used to complete other de...
[SF0031 2016 Detail][SF0031 2016 Text][SF0031 2016 Comments]
Chapter No. 38 Session Laws of Wyoming 2016
Regular Session

AN ACT relating to the administration of government; deleting requirements for reports from the department of health to the legislature as specified; requiring the department to provide reports from the department's internal performance measurement s...
[SF0031 2015 Detail][SF0031 2015 Text][SF0031 2015 Comments]
Chapter No. 59 Session Laws of Wyoming 2015
Budget Session

AN ACT relating to criminal procedure; creating a 24/7 sobriety program; authorizing fees and rulemaking; creating a program account; authorizing participation in program as a condition of release; providing for apprehension of violators; providing a...
[SF0031 2014 Detail][SF0031 2014 Text][SF0031 2014 Comments]
Assigned Chapter Number
Regular Session

(Enrolled - Dead)
AN ACT relating to veterinarians; providing requirements for animal euthanasia as specified; providing applicability; providing definitions; conforming a provision; repealing provisions related to the animal euthanasia certification board; and provid...
[SF0031 2013 Detail][SF0031 2013 Text][SF0031 2013 Comments]
Speaker Signed SEA No. 0041
Budget Session

(Introduced - Dead)
AN ACT relating to minerals; providing for the issuance of proposals for a mineral to liquid fuel commercial facility feasibility study as specified; requiring a report; providing for a matching fund program; providing legislative findings; providing...
[SF0031 2012 Detail][SF0031 2012 Text][SF0031 2012 Comments]
(S) Committee Returned Bill Pursuant to SR 7-3(c)
Regular Session

AN ACT relating to motor vehicles; amending the definition of an off-road vehicle; and providing for an effective date.
[SF0031 2011 Detail][SF0031 2011 Text][SF0031 2011 Comments]
Assigned Chapter Number
Budget Session

AN ACT relating to the federal natural resource policy account; providing for participation in the formulation, preparation and implementation of environmental impact statements; providing for assistance in data collection and analysis; providing pri...
[SF0031 2010 Detail][SF0031 2010 Text][SF0031 2010 Comments]
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