Legislative Research: WY HB0101 | 2018 | Budget Session

Other Sessions

SessionTitle/DescriptionLast Action
Regular Session

AN ACT relating to elk feedgrounds; authorizing the permanent closure of an elk feedground authorized or administered by the Wyoming game and fish commission only upon an order of the governor; requiring the recommendation of the commission and comme...
[HB0101 2021 Detail][HB0101 2021 Text][HB0101 2021 Comments]
Assigned Chapter Number 97
Budget Session

AN ACT relating to consumer protection; providing for the protection of customer personal information for broadband internet access service; defining terms; providing for penalties and other enforcement; and providing for an effective date.
[HB0101 2020 Detail][HB0101 2020 Text][HB0101 2020 Comments]
H:Died in Committee Returned Bill Pursuant to HR 5-4
Regular Session

AN ACT relating to local powers; authorizing joint powers boards to create and operate natural gas systems; and providing for an effective date.
[HB0101 2019 Detail][HB0101 2019 Text][HB0101 2019 Comments]
Assigned Chapter Number 118
Budget Session

(Enrolled - Dead)
AN ACT relating to the Wyoming Business Corporations Act; authorizing corporations to use electronic networks or databases for the creation or maintenance of corporate records; authorizing the use of a data address to identify a corporation's shareho...
[HB0101 2018 Detail][HB0101 2018 Text][HB0101 2018 Comments]
President Signed HEA No. 0022
Regular Session

(Engrossed - Dead)
AN ACT relating to veterans; specifying that school districts are subject to hiring preference provisions for veterans and surviving spouses of deceased veterans; and providing for an effective date.
[HB0101 2017 Detail][HB0101 2017 Text][HB0101 2017 Comments]
Did Not Consider in COW
Budget Session

(Introduced - Dead)
AN ACT relating to public depositories; amending archaic provisions to conform with banking statutes; and providing for an effective date.
[HB0101 2016 Detail][HB0101 2016 Text][HB0101 2016 Comments]
Did Not Consider for Introduction
Regular Session

(Introduced - Dead)
AN ACT relating to charter schools; authorizing the community college commission to oversee and approve the operation of charter schools; requiring training; eliminating school district approval of the operation of charter schools; creating an applic...
[HB0101 2015 Detail][HB0101 2015 Text][HB0101 2015 Comments]
H:DO PASS FAILED in Accordance with House Rule 5-4: 2-7-0-0-0
Budget Session

(Introduced - Dead)
AN ACT relating to elections; authorizing the use of electronic pollbooks; authorizing the use of vote centers; providing definitions; making conforming amendments; repealing certification of poll books by election judges; and providing for an effect...
[HB0101 2014 Detail][HB0101 2014 Text][HB0101 2014 Comments]
Failed Motion to Consider in COW on Same Day
Regular Session

(Introduced - Dead)
AN ACT relating to workers' compensation; providing for review of district court judgments by petition for writ of review to the supreme court; specifying applicability; and providing for an effective date.
[HB0101 2013 Detail][HB0101 2013 Text][HB0101 2013 Comments]
Failed CoW; Indef Postponed
Budget Session

(N/A - Dead)
AN ACT relating to property taxes; providing for continued qualification for the veterans' property tax exemption; repealing the requirement to contact the assessor's office annually; and providing for an effective date.
[HB0101 2012 Detail][HB0101 2012 Text][HB0101 2012 Comments]
(H) Failed Introduction
Regular Session

(Engrossed - Dead)
AN ACT relating to game and fish; creating an offense of owning a dog which attacks a game and fish law enforcement officer; providing penalties; and providing for an effective date.
[HB0101 2011 Detail][HB0101 2011 Text][HB0101 2011 Comments]
(S) Failed CoW; Indef Postponed
Budget Session

AN ACT relating to taxation and revenue; imposing a tax upon the production of electricity from wind resources as specified; providing for administration, imposition, enforcement and distribution as specified; providing applicability; and providing f...
[HB0101 2010 Detail][HB0101 2010 Text][HB0101 2010 Comments]
Assigned Chapter Number

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