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Regular Session

AN ACT relating to courts; amending requirements for filling chancery court vacancies; and providing for an effective date.
[HB0042 2021 Detail][HB0042 2021 Text][HB0042 2021 Comments]
Assigned Chapter Number 6
Budget Session

AN ACT relating to criminal procedure and sentencing; amending requirements for establishing rules for good time allowances to inmates and parolees; requiring rulemaking; specifying applicability; and providing for effective dates.
[HB0042 2020 Detail][HB0042 2020 Text][HB0042 2020 Comments]
Assigned Chapter Number 28
Regular Session

AN ACT relating to game and fish; authorizing the game and fish commission to implement a preference point system for resident licenses as specified; authorizing rulemaking for awarding preference points to resident youth and other hunters as specifi...
[HB0042 2019 Detail][HB0042 2019 Text][HB0042 2019 Comments]
H:Died in Committee Returned Bill Pursuant to HR 5-4
Budget Session

(Enrolled - Dead)
AN ACT relating to criminal procedure and sentencing; amending probation and parole intensive supervision program provisions relating to rewards and sanctions; providing for an appropriation; requiring a report; and providing for an effective date.
[HB0042 2018 Detail][HB0042 2018 Text][HB0042 2018 Comments]
President Signed HEA No. 0042
Regular Session

AN ACT relating to membership of the state board of education; modifying the membership to include the president of the University of Wyoming as a nonvoting ex-officio member; and providing for an effective date.
[HB0042 2017 Detail][HB0042 2017 Text][HB0042 2017 Comments]
Chapter No. 8 Session Laws of Wyoming 2017
Budget Session

AN ACT relating to government expenditures; restricting the expenditure of fuel tax revenue as specified; and providing for an effective date.
[HB0042 2016 Detail][HB0042 2016 Text][HB0042 2016 Comments]
S:Died in Committee Returned Bill Pursuant to SR 5-4
Regular Session

AN ACT relating to unclaimed property; amending language to include merchant stored value cards; providing definitions; extending the period for abandonment of gift certificates, merchant stored value cards and credit memos; providing an exemption; r...
[HB0042 2015 Detail][HB0042 2015 Text][HB0042 2015 Comments]
Chapter No. 127 Session Laws of Wyoming 2015
Budget Session

AN ACT relating to school facilities projects; providing appropriations for school facility projects for the biennial period July 1, 2014 through June 30, 2016; providing definitions; requiring reporting; providing for lease and maintenance payments ...
[HB0042 2014 Detail][HB0042 2014 Text][HB0042 2014 Comments]
Assigned Chapter Number
Regular Session

(Enrolled - Dead)
AN ACT relating to land use planning; repealing provisions related to state level land use planning act; repealing specified provisions for local zoning and land use planning; providing conforming amendments; providing definitions; and providing for ...
[HB0042 2013 Detail][HB0042 2013 Text][HB0042 2013 Comments]
President Signed HEA No. 0111
Budget Session

(N/A - Dead)
AN ACT relating to banks and banking; providing for study of issues related to home equity conversion mortgages; and providing for an effective date.
[HB0042 2012 Detail][HB0042 2012 Text][HB0042 2012 Comments]
(H) Failed Introduction
Regular Session

AN ACT relating to coroners; providing confidentiality for toxicology reports, photographs, video recordings or audio recordings of the scene of the death or made in the course of a postmortem examination or autopsy by a coroner; providing exceptions...
[HB0042 2011 Detail][HB0042 2011 Text][HB0042 2011 Comments]
Assigned Chapter Number
Budget Session

(N/A - Dead)
AN ACT relating to collection agencies; providing for consumer protection in collection transactions; transferring the collection agency program from the collection agency board to the Wyoming department of audit, banking division as specified; modif...
[HB0042 2010 Detail][HB0042 2010 Text][HB0042 2010 Comments]
(H) Failed Introduction

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