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WYSF0149PassAN ACT relating to state property and buildings; specifying boundaries of the state capitol complex; providing for management and operation of state property and facilities within the state capitol building and state capitol complex; transferring dut...
Assigned Chapter Number 197
WYSF0031PassAN ACT relating to the revision of statutes; correcting statutory references and language resulting from inadvertent errors and omissions in previously adopted legislation; amending obsolete references; repealing provisions; renumbering sections; spe...
Assigned Chapter Number 186
WYHB0059EnrollAN ACT relating to the legislature; modifying the legislative constituent service allowance as specified; and providing for an effective date.
postponed indefinitely
WYHB0038VetoAN ACT relating to per diem rates; increasing the statutory per diem rate for legislative activities; increasing per diem rates which are based upon the legislative rate; providing for adjustment of the per diem rate; and providing for an effective d...
Governor Vetoed HEA No. 0021
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