Roll Call: WI AB1 | 2013 | December Special Session

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Bill Title: Delaying eligibility changes to BadgerCare Plus and BadgerCare Plus Core and delaying other changes to the Medical Assistance program; and extending coverage under, and the deadline for the dissolution of, the Health Insurance Risk-Sharing Plan. (FE)

Spectrum: Committee Bill

Status: (Passed) 2013-12-20 - Published 12-21-2013 [AB1 Detail]

Text: Latest bill text (Introduced) [PDF]

Vote: Senate: Read a third time and concurred in

Not Voting33-

Result: Passed

Sen. Carpenter, Timothy W. [D]FollowTheMoneyBallotpediaVoteSmart
Sen. Cowles, Robert L. [R]FollowTheMoneyBallotpediaVoteSmart
Sen. Cullen, Timothy [D]FollowTheMoneyBallotpediaVoteSmart
Sen. Darling, Alberta H. [R]FollowTheMoneyBallotpediaVoteSmart
Sen. Ellis, Michael [R]FollowTheMoneyBallotpediaVoteSmart
Sen. Erpenbach, Jon [D]FollowTheMoneyBallotpediaVoteSmart
Sen. Farrow, Paul F. [R]FollowTheMoneyBallotpediaVoteSmart
Sen. Fitzgerald, Scott L. [R]FollowTheMoneyBallotpediaVoteSmart
Sen. Grothman, Glenn S. [R]FollowTheMoneyBallotpediaVoteSmart
Sen. Gudex, Richard "Rick" [R]FollowTheMoneyBallotpediaVoteSmart
Sen. Hansen, David "Dave" N. [D]FollowTheMoneyBallotpediaVoteSmart
Sen. Harris Dodd, Nikiya Q. [D]FollowTheMoneyBallotpediaVoteSmart
Sen. Harsdorf, Sheila [R]FollowTheMoneyBallotpediaVoteSmart
Sen. Jauch, Bob [D]FollowTheMoneyBallotpediaVoteSmart
Sen. Kedzie, Neal [R]FollowTheMoneyBallotpediaVoteSmart
Sen. Larson, Christopher [D]FollowTheMoneyBallotpediaVoteSmart
Sen. Lasee, Frank [R]FollowTheMoneyBallotpediaVoteSmart
Sen. Lassa, Julie [D]FollowTheMoneyBallotpediaVoteSmart
Sen. Lazich, Mary [R]FollowTheMoneyBallotpediaVoteSmart
Sen. Lehman, John W. [D]FollowTheMoneyBallotpediaVoteSmart
Sen. Leibham, Joe [R]FollowTheMoneyBallotpediaVoteSmart
Sen. Miller, Mark [D]FollowTheMoneyBallotpediaVoteSmart
Sen. Moulton, Terry [R]FollowTheMoneyBallotpediaVoteSmart
Sen. Olsen, Luther S. [R]FollowTheMoneyBallotpediaVoteSmart
Sen. Petrowski, Jerry [R]FollowTheMoneyBallotpediaVoteSmart
Sen. Risser, Fred [D]FollowTheMoneyBallotpediaVoteSmart
Sen. Schultz, Dale W. [R]FollowTheMoneyBallotpediaVoteSmart
Sen. Shilling, Jennifer K. [D]FollowTheMoneyBallotpediaVoteSmart
Sen. Taylor, Lena C. [D]FollowTheMoneyBallotpediaVoteSmart
Sen. Tiffany, Thomas [R]FollowTheMoneyBallotpediaVoteSmart
Sen. Vinehout, Kathleen [D]FollowTheMoneyBallotpediaVoteSmart
Sen. Vukmir, Leah [R]FollowTheMoneyBallotpediaVoteSmart
Sen. Wirch, Robert W. [D]FollowTheMoneyBallotpediaVoteSmart