Offered July 9, 2019
Limiting legislation to be considered by the 2019 Special Session I of the General Assembly and establishing a schedule for the conduct of business coming before such Special Session.
Patron-- Gilbert

RESOLVED by the House of Delegates, the Senate concurring, That during the 2019 Special Session I of the General Assembly, summoned by proclamation of the Governor on June 7, 2019, to begin July 9, 2019, except with the unanimous consent of the house in which the legislation is offered, no bill, joint resolution, or resolution shall be offered in either house during the Special Session other than those relating to (i) public safety; (ii) mental and behavioral health; (iii) taxation, appropriations, and charitable contributions for victims of violence in Virginia Beach and the City of Virginia Beach; (iv) appropriations and adjustments to the 2018-2020 Appropriations Act that are related to (i), (ii), and (iii) above, including adjustments or modifications that may be necessitated by the passage of a bill for which a fiscal impact statement has been prepared pursuant to §30-19.1:4; (v) single-house commending and memorial resolutions; (vi) the rules of procedure or schedule of business of the General Assembly or any of its committees; (vii) the election of judges and other officials subject to the election of the General Assembly; or (viii) appointments subject to the confirmation of the General Assembly; and, be it

RESOLVED FURTHER, That after the Special Session is convened for the first time, each body may recess from time-to-time until reconvened with at least 48 hours' notice by the respective call of the Speaker of the House of Delegates or the Chair of the Senate Committee on Rules to consider such matters as are provided for in this resolution.