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Active Virginia Bills (Introduced, Engrossed, Enrolled, Passed)

SB115County food and beverage tax. Increases from four percent to eight percent the maximum tax that any county is authorized to impose on food and beverages sold by a restaurant, commonly referred to as the meals tax. The bill also removes the requiremen...2017-12-15
SB116Special license plates; NO BULLY ZONE. Authorizes the issuance of revenue-sharing special license plates for members and supporters of the Parents Against Bullying organization bearing the legend NO BULLY ZONE.2017-12-15
SB112Hate crimes; gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, or disability; penalty. Adds disability, gender, gender identity, and sexual orientation to the categories of victims whose intentional selection for a hate crime involving assault, assault an...2017-12-15
SB111Marijuana; decriminalization of simple marijuana Marijuana; decriminalization of simple marijuana possession. Decriminalizes simple marijuana possession and provides a civil penalty of no more than $50 for a first violation, $100 for a second violati...2017-12-15
SB113Mechanical devices designed to increase the rate of fire of firearms; penalty. Prohibits the manufacture, import, sale or offer to sell, possession, transfer, or transportation of any device used to increase the rate of fire of any semi-automatic fir...2017-12-15
SB114Absentee voting; no excuse. Allows for any registered voter to vote by absentee ballot in any election in which he is qualified to vote. The bill removes the current list of statutory reasons for which a person may be entitled to vote by absentee bal...2017-12-15
HB117Workers' Compensation Commission; quorum. Provides that the commissioners of the Workers' Compensation Commission, for purposes of constituting a quorum, shall include any deputy commissioner or retired commissioner who is appointed or recalled, resp...2017-12-15
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HB116Local authority; distracted driving. Authorizes any local governing body to adopt an ordinance prohibiting any person from driving a vehicle on any highway within the locality while failing to provide proper time and attention necessary for the safe ...2017-12-15
Committee Referral Pending
HB115Reckless driving; penalty. Expands the conduct that constitutes reckless driving to include driving a vehicle without giving proper time and attention to driving.2017-12-15
Committee Referral Pending
HB114Golf carts and utility vehicles on public highways; equine events. Authorizes the use of golf carts and utility vehicles to cross a highway from one portion of a venue hosting an equine event to another portion thereof, provided that such crossing oc...2017-12-15
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Del. Kaye Kory [D]18Syndicate content
Del. Patrick Hope [D]18Syndicate content
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Del. Alfonso Lopez [D]14Syndicate content
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Courts of Justice48Syndicate content
Commerce and Labor17Syndicate content
Privileges and Elections14Syndicate content
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Education and Health8Syndicate content

Most Viewed Virginia Bills

SB5Firearm transfers; criminal history record information checks; penalty. Requires a background check for any firearm transfer and requires the Department of State Police to establish a process for transferors to obtain such a check from licensed firea...Bill Text
HB21Reproductive health services. Requires health benefit Reproductive health services. Requires health benefit plans to cover the costs of specified health care services, drugs, devices, products, and procedures related to reproductive health, including...Bill Text
HB7Campaign finance; prohibited personal use. Prohibits any person from converting any moneys, securities, or like intangible personal property contributed to a candidate or a candidate's campaign committee to his personal use, the personal use of the c...Bill Text
HB8Public procurement; agreements with labor organizations. Repeals provisions requiring state agencies to ensure that neither the state agency nor any construction manager acting on behalf of the state agency, in its bid specifications, project agreeme...Bill Text
SB79Firearms on school property. Adds public, private, or religious preschools and child day centers that are not operated at the residence of the provider or of any of the children to the list of schools where possessing a firearm on school property or ...Bill Text
HB6Security freezes; elimination of fees. Prohibits a credit reporting agency from requiring a consumer to pay a fee to place a security freeze on the consumer's credit report. Currently, a consumer may be required to pay a fee of no more than $10 to pl...Bill Text
SB33Marijuana offenses; driver's license forfeiture. Eliminates the requirement that the Virginia Department of Transportation receive written assurance from the Federal Highway Administration of the U.S. Department of Transportation that Virginia will n...Bill Text
SB74Use of handheld personal communications devices while driving. Expands the prohibition on using a handheld personal communications device while operating a motor vehicle to all communications unless the device is specifically designed to allow voice ...Bill Text
SJR4United States Constitution; Equal Rights Amendment. Ratifies the Equal Rights Amendment to the United States Constitution that was proposed by Congress in 1972. The joint resolution advocates the position that the 1972 Equal Rights Amendment remains ...Bill Text
SB15Virginia-Israel Advisory Board; reorganize as Virginia-Israel Advisory Authority. Reorganizes the existing Virginia-Israel Advisory Board, renamed the Virginia-Israel Advisory Authority, as an independent authority. The bill provides that the current...Bill Text

Most Monitored Virginia Bills

SB8Absentee voting; prescribed oath for absentee voters. Removes the requirement that an absentee voter completing the Statement of Voter include the address of his legal residence in Virginia. The bill requires instead that the voter affirm that he is ...Bill Text
SB4Absentee voting; persons age 65 or older. Entitles a person who will be age 65 or older on the day of an election to vote by absentee ballot in that election.Bill Text
SB65Presidential candidates; federal tax returns and state income tax returns required for ballot access. Requires any person seeking the nomination of the national political party for the office of the President or Vice President, in order to have his n...Bill Text
HB74Elections; early voting. Allows any registered voter to vote early in any election in which he is qualified to vote without providing a reason or making prior application for an absentee ballot. The bill requires that early voting be available beginn...Bill Text
SB67Statements made by child to an intake officer or probation officer. Provides that a statement made by a child during or after the intake process, or during or after a mental health screening or other court-ordered evaluation or assessment, and prior ...Bill Text
HB99Presidential electors; National Popular Vote Compact. Enters Virginia into an interstate compact known as the Agreement Among the States to Elect the President by National Popular Vote. Article II of the United States Constitution gives the states ex...Bill Text
HB15Alternative student discipline; assault and battery without bodily injury. Requires a principal to first take appropriate alternative disciplinary action or determine that no such appropriate alternative disciplinary action exists before referring to...Bill Text
HB105Department of Criminal Justice Services training standards; community engaged policing. Expands the responsibilities of the Department of Criminal Justice Services regarding community policing by requiring the compulsory training standards for basic ...Bill Text
HB28Voter registration list maintenance; due date of annual report. Clarifies that the annual report made by the Department of Elections on its activities undertaken to maintain the Virginia voter registration system is due by October 1. The bill further...Bill Text
HB57Absentee voting; no excuse. Allows for any registered voter to vote by absentee ballot in any election in which he is qualified to vote. The bill removes the current list of statutory reasons for which a person may be entitled to vote by absentee bal...Bill Text

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