Bill Text: TX HR96 | 2017 | 85th Legislature 1st Special Session | Enrolled

Bill Title: Commemorating the 150th anniversary of the Republican Party of Texas.

Spectrum: Partisan Bill (Republican 49-0)

Status: (Passed) 2017-08-16 - Reported enrolled [HR96 Detail]

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  H.R. No. 96
         WHEREAS, Proud members of the Republican Party of Texas are
  celebrating the organization's 150th anniversary in 2017; and
         WHEREAS, The Republican Party of Texas was founded at the
  Harris County Courthouse on the Fourth of July, 1867, 13 years after
  the national party was established and 7 years after the election of
  the first Republican president, Abraham Lincoln; former governor
  Elisha M. Pease served as chair of that initial state convention,
  and Colonel John L. Haynes, commander of the U.S. Army's First
  Texas Cavalry, became the executive committee chair; the party's
  membership in its early years was largely made up of former slaves,
  German American immigrants, and Texans who had opposed secession
  during the Civil War; and
         WHEREAS, Notable early Texas Republicans included Edmund
  J. Davis, the state's first Republican governor, Morgan
  C. Hamilton, a Republican senator, George T. Ruby, an African
  American state senator from Galveston, and Norris Wright Cuney, a
  prominent African American leader and a member of the Republican
  National Committee from 1886 to 1896; and
         WHEREAS, The party gained strength in the Lone Star State in
  the 20th century when Dwight Eisenhower carried Texas in the 1952
  presidential election, and its fortunes were boosted again in 1961
  when John Tower was elected to replace Lyndon Johnson in the
  U.S. Senate; a new era began in 1978, when William P. Clements took
  office as the first Republican governor since Reconstruction, and
  from the 1980s to the present, Texas has been represented in the
  U.S. Congress by a series of accomplished Republican leaders,
  including Senators Phil Gramm, Kay Bailey Hutchison, John Cornyn,
  and Ted Cruz, as well as numerous members of the U.S. House of
  Representatives; Republicans have taken on an increasingly
  prominent role in state and local government as well; the party has
  held the governor's office since 1994, with George W. Bush, Rick
  Perry, and Greg Abbott serving as chief executive, and Republicans
  have swept the other statewide offices in five consecutive
  elections and have held a majority in the Texas Senate since 1997
  and in the Texas House of Representatives since 2003; and
         WHEREAS, Thanks to the tireless service and exemplary
  leadership of countless men and women, the Republican Party
  continues to carry forth its core goals, including limited
  government, political and economic freedom, and strong national
  security, and its members may indeed take great pride in their
  invaluable contributions to our state and nation; now, therefore,
  be it
         RESOLVED, That the House of Representatives of the 85th Texas
  Legislature, 1st Called Session, hereby commemorate the
  sesquicentennial of the Republican Party of Texas; and, be it
         RESOLVED, That an official copy of this resolution be
  prepared for the Republican Party of Texas as an expression of high
  regard by the Texas House of Representatives.
Dale Craddick
Parker Isaac
Anderson of McLennan Anderson of Dallas
Bailes Bell
Biedermann Bohac
Burkett Burns
Cain Clardy
Cosper Cyrier
Faircloth Frank
Frullo Goldman
Keough King of Parker
Koop Krause
Lambert Landgraf
Lang Metcalf
Meyer Miller
Murr Oliverson
Paul Price
Raney Rinaldi
Roberts Schaefer
Schofield Schubert
Simmons Smithee
Springer Stephenson
Stickland Tinderholt
VanDeaver White
  Speaker of the House     
         I certify that H.R. No. 96 was adopted by the House on August
  15, 2017, by a non-record vote.
  Chief Clerk of the House