H.R. No. 9
         WHEREAS, Texas is a large state with some of the best hunting
  and fishing opportunities in the nation; fishing, hunting,
  trapping, and trading of wildlife have been important activities
  since the first inhabitants settled in Texas; and
         WHEREAS, The state's first law protecting fish was enacted in
  1874, and in 1879 the first commission with the mission of
  regulating and enforcing laws pertaining to the natural resources
  was established; and
         WHEREAS, Since 1895, Texas game wardens have built a
  reputation as "can-do" peace officers with a heritage second only
  to the legendary Texas Rangers; that proud tradition of service,
  more than a century old, is carried on today by more than 500 men and
  women who continue the work of this storied profession; and
         WHEREAS, The first Game Warden Academy class in Austin was
  held in 1978; cadets currently in the academy cover a vast array of
  subjects, including game and fish laws, criminal law, citation,
  court procedures, defensive tactics, arrest procedures, firearms
  training, hunter safety programs, environmental pollution,
  saltwater and freshwater fishing operation, boating safety, and
  rescue training; and
         WHEREAS, The 58th Texas Game Warden Cadet Class will complete
  its training and be commissioned as Texas game wardens on August 6,
  2013; and
         WHEREAS, This class consists of Mark Anderson (Tyler, Texas),
  Samuel Anderson (Nacogdoches, Texas), Michael Blevins (Hempstead,
  Texas), Joshua Bonney (Commerce, Texas), Roel Cantu, Jr. (Edinburg,
  Texas), Antonio Chavez (Mexico), Jayme DeSchaaf (Liberty Hill,
  Texas), Travis Fountain (Nacogdoches, Texas), Mark Frayser
  (Cibolo, Texas), Jason Garcia (Schertz, Texas), Tommy Johnson
  (Wharton, Texas), Hsin-Wei Lin (College, Texas), Derrick Lopez
  (Round Rock, Texas), Grant Moore (Jacksboro, Texas), John Newman
  (Stephenville, Texas), Jake Noxon (Austin, Texas), Jack Pearl
  (Athens, Georgia), Howard Pierce (Rockport, Texas), Travis Porter
  (Bridgeport, Texas), Jennifer Provaznik (Gautier, Mississippi),
  Arturo Salinas (Uvalde, Texas), Coby Sanders (Amarillo, Texas),
  Jeremy Schwalk (Lubbock, Texas), Brendan Shoars (Abilene, Texas),
  Justin Solis (Rockport, Texas), David Stokes (Nashville,
  Tennessee), Zachary Temple (Lufkin, Texas), Thomas Colton
  (Pleasanton, Texas), and Emily Zaunbrecher (Houston, Texas); and
         WHEREAS, After graduation from the Game Warden Training
  Academy and receiving a commission as a peace officer, these
  individuals will perform responsible field enforcement duties
  involving the enforcement of all provisions of the Texas Parks and
  Wildlife Code, Texas Penal Code, and relevant provisions of other
  Texas laws; execute and serve all criminal processes resulting from
  enforcement activities; provide public safety and emergency
  functions; safeguard departmental equipment; prepare reports of
  activities and present programs concerning departmental activities
  to the public; conduct investigations of holders of permits and
  licenses issued by the department; maintain contact with holders of
  permits and licenses issued by the department; and maintain contact
  with landowners, resource users, and the general public; and
         WHEREAS, The cadets who have been selected to hold this
  invaluable post have all completed a grueling and demanding
  training program and will greatly contribute to the safety of Texas
  residents and the preservation of the Lone Star State's natural
  resources, and Texas is indeed fortunate to have these dedicated
  individuals; now, therefore, be it
         RESOLVED, That the House of Representatives of the 83rd Texas
  Legislature, 3rd Called Session, hereby congratulate the 58th Texas
  Game Warden Cadet Class and extend to them sincere best wishes for
  continued success in their law enforcement careers.
  Speaker of the House     
         I certify that H.R. No. 9 was adopted by the House on August
  5, 2013, by a non-record vote.
  Chief Clerk of the House