Roll Call: TN HB1295 | 2013-2014 | 108th General Assembly

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Bill Title: As enacted, provides that a woman may be prosecuted for assault for the illegal use of a narcotic drug while pregnant, if her child is born addicted to or harmed by the narcotic drug; law expires July 1, 2016. - Amends TCA Title 39.

Spectrum: Bipartisan Bill

Status: (Passed) 2014-05-16 - Comp. became Pub. Ch. 820 [HB1295 Detail]

Text: Latest bill text (Draft #1) [PDF]

Vote: (VOICE VOTE) CRIMINAL JUSTICE SUBCOMMITTEE: Recommended for passage - refer to: Criminal Justice Subcommittee

Result: Failed

This roll call was a Voice Vote which is performed verbally with no record of individual votes.

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