Roll Call: PA HB1060 | 2013-2014 | Regular Session

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Bill Title: Amending Titles 74 (Transportation) and 75 (Vehicles) of the Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes by: --In Title 74: Providing for organization. In administrative practice and procedure, further providing for minority and women-owned business participation. In sustainable mobility options: further providing for definitions, for department authorization, for the Public Transportation Trust Fund, for application and approval process, for executive and legislative reports, for coordination, for asset improvement program, for Statewide programs and for capital improvements program. Providing for multimodal transportation funding. In airport operation and zoning, providing for first class city consolidated car rental facilities. In Turnpike: further providing for commission; and providing for annual hearing. In Turnpike Commission standards of conduct, further providing for code of conduct. Providing for traffic signals. Establishing the Bridge Bundling Program. Providing for public utility facilities. Providing for steel painting. In Public/Private Transportation Partnerships, further providing for applicability of other laws. --In Title 75: In registration of vehicles: further providing for period of registration, for display of registration plate and for certain special plates. Providing for report to General Assembly. In licensing of drivers, further providing for judicial review, for occupational limited license and for probationary license. In commercial drivers, further providing for fees. In financial responsibility, further providing for required financial responsibility. In fees: further providing for limitation on local license fees and taxes, for collection and disposition of fees and money, for motor homes, for annual registration fees, for trucks and truck tractors, for motor buses and limousines, for school buses and school vehicles, for trailers, for special mobile equipment, for implements of husbandry, for farm vehicles, for ambulances, taxis and hearses, for dealers and miscellaneous motor vehicle business, for farm equipment vehicle dealers, for transfer of registration, for temporary and electronically issued registration plates, for replacement registration plates, for legislative registration plates, for personal registration plates, for street rod registration plates, for duplicate registration cards and for commercial implements of husbandry; providing for fee for local use; and further providing for special hauling permits as to weight and size, for annual hauling permits, for mobile homes, modular housing units and modular housing undercarriages, for books of permits, for refund of certain fees, for driver's license and learner's permit, for certificate of title, for security interest, for information concerning drivers and vehicles, for certified copies of records, for uncollectible checks, for certificate of inspection, for messenger service, for reinstatement of operating privilege or vehicle registration and for secure power of attorney. In motor carriers road tax identification markers: further providing for identification markers and license or road tax registration card required. In general provisions, further providing for obedience to traffic-control devices. In rules of the road, further providing for maximum speed limits and for alteration of maximum limits. In size, weight and load, further providing for restrictions on use of highways and bridges, for conditions of permits and security for damages and for permit for movement during course of manufacturing. In powers of department and local authorities: further providing for regulation of traffic on Turnpike; and providing for fare evasion and for municipal police officer education and training. In penalties and disposition of fines, further providing for surcharge. In the Pennsylvania Turnpike, further providing for definitions and for deposit and distribution of funds. In liquid fuels and fuels tax: further providing for definitions, for imposition, exemptions and deductions, for distributor's report and payment, for disposition and use and for refunds; and providing for application of Prevailing Wage Act to locally funded highway and bridge projects. In State highway maintenance, further providing for dirt and gravel road maintenance. In supplemental funding for municipal highway maintenance, making further provisions. In taxes for highway maintenance and construction, further providing for imposition and for allocation of proceeds. --Providing for permits for movement of raw milk. --Providing for amendment of lease agreements. --Providing for authorization to incur additional debt and appropriations. --Making an appropriation. --Making repeals.

Spectrum: Moderate Partisan Bill (Republican 27-8)

Status: (Passed) 2013-11-25 - Act No. 89 [HB1060 Detail]

Text: Latest bill text (Amended) [PDF]


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Result: Passed

NameYeaNayNot VotingAbsent
Sen. Richard Alloway [R]
Sen. David Argall [R]
Sen. Lisa Baker [R]
Sen. John Blake [D]
Sen. Lisa Boscola [D]
Sen. James Brewster [D]
Sen. Patrick Browne [R]
Sen. Michael Brubaker [R]
Sen. Jacob Corman [R]
Sen. Jay Costa [D]
Sen. Andrew Dinniman [D]
Sen. John Eichelberger [R]
Sen. Edwin Erickson [R]
Sen. Lawrence Farnese [D]
Sen. Jim Ferlo [D]
Sen. Michael Folmer [R]
Sen. Wayne Fontana [D]
Sen. John Gordner [R]
Sen. Stewart Greenleaf [R]
Sen. Vincent Hughes [D]
Sen. Scott Hutchinson [R]
Sen. Richard Kasunic [D]
Sen. Shirley Kitchen [D]
Sen. Daylin Leach [D]
Sen. Charles McIlhinney [R]
Sen. Robert Mensch [R]
Sen. Dominic Pileggi [R]
Sen. John Rafferty [R]
Sen. Robert Robbins [R]
Sen. Joseph Scarnati [R]
Sen. Judy Schwank [D]
Rep. Matthew Smith [D]
Sen. Lloyd Smucker [R]
Sen. Timothy Solobay [D]
Sen. Mike Stack [D]
Sen. Christine Tartaglione [D]
Sen. Rob Teplitz [D]
Sen. Robert Tomlinson [R]
Sen. Patricia Vance [R]
Sen. Elder Vogel [R]
Sen. Randy Vulakovich [R]
Sen. Kim Ward [R]
Sen. Leanna Washington [D]
Sen. Michael Waugh [R]
Sen. Donald White [R]
Sen. Sean Wiley [D]
Sen. Anthony Williams [D]
Sen. John Wozniak [D]
Sen. Gene Yaw [R]
Sen. John Yudichak [D]