Legislative Research: OH HB137 | 2011-2012 | 129th General Assembly

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SessionTitle/DescriptionLast Action
132nd General Assembly

To amend section 2151.421 of the Revised Code to make municipal and county peace officers mandatory reporters of child abuse or neglect.
[HB137 2017 Detail][HB137 2017 Text][HB137 2017 Comments]
Refer to Committee: Criminal Justice
131st General Assembly

(Introduced - Dead)
To amend section 3313.60 of the Revised Code to require the health curriculum of each school district to include instruction on the positive effects of organ and tissue donation.
[HB137 2015 Detail][HB137 2015 Text][HB137 2015 Comments]
Reported: Education
130th General Assembly

(Introduced - Dead)
To enact section 2923.26 of the Revised Code to prohibit any transfer of a firearm from a person who is not a federally licensed firearms dealer to a person who is not a federally licensed firearms dealer unless the firearm is transferred through a f...
[HB137 2013 Detail][HB137 2013 Text][HB137 2013 Comments]
To State and Local Government
129th General Assembly

(Introduced - Dead)
To amend sections 121.083, 1349.61, 4111.02, 4111.14, 4113.15, 4115.03, 4121.01, 4123.01, 4123.026, 4141.01, and 5747.01 and to enact sections 4175.01 to 4175.18 and 4175.99 of the Revised Code to create a generally uniform definition of employee for...
[HB137 2011 Detail][HB137 2011 Text][HB137 2011 Comments]
To Commerce and Labor
128th General Assembly

(Introduced - Dead)
To amend sections 4301.17, 4303.26, and 4303.292 of the Revised Code to prohibit the Division of Liquor Control from issuing a retail liquor permit or entering into an agency liquor contract if the permit location or liquor agency store is proposed t...
[HB137 2009 Detail][HB137 2009 Text][HB137 2009 Comments]
To State Government
127th General Assembly

(Introduced - Dead)
To amend sections 1739.05 and 1751.01 and to enact section 3923.71 of the Revised Code to require certain health care policies, contracts, agreements, and plans to provide benefits for equipment, supplies, and medication for the diagnosis, treatment,...
[HB137 2007 Detail][HB137 2007 Text][HB137 2007 Comments]
To Health

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