New Jersey Representative Holly Schepisi [R] | Senate

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NJS847PassRequires school districts to provide daily recess period for students in grade kindergarten through 5; permits denial of recess for violation of code of student conduct but student must be provided restorative justice activities.*
Approved P.L.2018, c.73.
NJS478Pass"Babs Siperstein Law"; revises procedure for issuance of amended birth certificate for person who has undergone change in gender.**
Approved P.L.2018, c.58.
NJS427PassBars persons under age 18 from marrying or entering into a civil union.
Approved P.L.2018, c.42.
NJSJR56PassRecognizes 70th anniversary of establishment of State of Israel.
Approved P.L.2018, JR-5.
NJS414PassRequires school districts, charter schools, nonpublic schools, and contracted service providers to review employment history of prospective employees who will have regular contact with students to ascertain allegations of child abuse or sexual miscon...
Approved P.L.2018, c.5.
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