New Hampshire Representative Stephen Woodcock [D]

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NHHB401EngrossRelative to the duty of school superintendents regarding criminal history records checks.
Ought to Pass: Regular Calendar 23Y-0N, Motion Adopted; OT3rdg; 05/06/2021; Senate Journal 14
NHHB432EngrossRelative to the offenses that prevent employment in a school.
Ought to Pass with Amendment 2021-1113s, Regular Calendar 24Y-0N, Motion Adopted; OT3rdg; 04/08/2021; Senate Journal 11
NHHB395IntroRelative to consideration of home-share income and exempting rentals of shared facilities from requirements under the real estate practice act.
Reconsider (Rep. Osborne): Motion Failed Voice Vote 04/07/2021
NHHB95EngrossRelative to milk pasteurization.
Sen. Bradley Moved to Rerefer to Committee, Regular Calendar 23Y-1N, Motion Adopted; 04/01/2021; Senate Journal 10
NHHB136IntroRequiring schools to update documents and software to include the option of identifying a student as non-binary.
To House Education Committee
NHHB96IntroEstablishing the office of school counseling and psychology, establishing the position of school counselor coordinator, and making an appropriation therefor.
Inexpedient to Legislate: Motion Adopted DV 202-153 02/24/2021 House Journal 3 P. 31
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