New Hampshire Representative John Graham [R]

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NHHB274IntroRelative to the payment of the meals and rooms tax by individuals renting cars through an online service.
[Hearing: Oct 2 @ 10:00 am]
Subcommittee Work Session: 10/02/2019 10:00 am Legislative Office Building 202
NHHB264IntroMaking an appropriation to the Carroll, Strafford, and Coos counties freight rail improvements project and making an appropriation for the Coos county freight rail improvements project.
Committee Report: Inexpedient to Legislate (Vote 16-0; Consent Calendar)
NHHB478IntroEstablishing a road usage fee and making an appropriation therefor.
Full Committee Work Session: 09/17/2019 01:15 pm Legislative Office Building 201
NHHB414IntroRelative to notifying parents of bullying incidents.
Subcommittee Work Session: 09/11/2019 01:00 pm Legislative Office Building 207
NHHB534PassRelative to certain major state projects.
Signed by Governor Sununu 07/29/2019; Chapter 292; Eff: 09/27/2019
NHSB208PassRenaming the adjutant general's department to the department of military affairs and veterans services.
Signed by the Governor on 07/19/2019; Chapter 273; Effective 09/17/2019
NHSB56PassEstablishing a committee to study motor vehicle registrations and drivers' licenses of active duty military personnel.
Signed by the Governor on 07/12/2019; Chapter 225; Effective 07/12/2019
NHSB239PassRelative to implementation of the blue alert system in New Hampshire.
Signed by the Governor on 06/21/2019; Chapter 0122; Effective 08/20/2019
NHHB225PassRelative to the National Guard Scholarship Fund.
Signed by Governor Sununu 05/15/2019; Chapter 23; Eff: 07/14/2019
NHSB15EngrossMaking an appropriation to the affordable housing fund.
Retained in Committee
NHHB726EngrossEstablishing a secure forensic psychiatric hospital advisory council and establishing a new forensic psychiatric hospital and making an appropriation therefor.
Pending Motion OT3rdg; 04/11/2019; Senate Journal 12
NHSB152IntroRelative to third party inspections conducted pursuant to a planning board approval.
To Senate Election Law and Municipal Affairs Committee
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