New Hampshire Representative Jeanine Notter [R]

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StanceStateBillStatusSummary/TitleLast Actionsort icon
NHHB135EngrossRequiring parties responsible for pollution of a drinking water supply to be financially responsible for certain consequences of that pollution.
To Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee
NHHB373EngrossRelative to state participation in low carbon fuel standards programs.
To Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee
NHHB484EngrossRelative to budget committee recommendations on warrant articles.
To Senate Election Law and Municipal Affairs Committee
NHHB220EngrossEstablishing medical freedom in immunizations.
To Senate Health and Human Services Committee
NHSB117IntroRelative to the tolls at exit 10 in the town of Merrimack.
Pending Motion OT3rdg; 04/01/2021; Senate Journal 10
NHHB625EngrossRelative to the protection of fetal life.
To Senate Judiciary Committee
NHHB198IntroRelative to an exception to the opportunity for public education without discrimination.
To House Education Committee
NHHB478IntroRelative to treatment of PFAScontaminants in thedrinking water of the Merrimack Village Water District.
To House Judiciary Committee
NHHB601IntroRelative to the privacy of personal information retained by a health or social service agency and prohibiting the sharing of such information between such agencies.
Minority Committee Report: Ought to Pass with Amendment # 2021-0648h
NHHB221IntroMaking the state vaccine registry an opt-in program.
Minority Committee Report: Ought to Pass
NHHB430IntroRepealing the prohibition on entering or remaining on a public way or sidewalk adjacent to a reproductive health care facility.
Special Order to Regular Calendar of next Session day Without Objection House Journal 4 P. 46
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