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Regular Session

An Act To Amend Section 73-50-1, Mississippi Code Of 1972, To Provide That Mississippi Occupational Licensing Boards Shall Issue A License To An Applicant Who Establishes Residence In This State If The Applicant Holds A Current License In Good Standi...
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Died In Committee
Regular Session

An Act To Amend Sections 63-1-35 And 45-35-3, Mississippi Code Of 1972, To Direct The Commissioner Of Public Safety To Develop And Implement A Digitized Format For Driver's Licenses, Driving Permits And Identification Cards As An Option For License H...
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Died In Committee
Regular Session

An Act To Amend Section 49-15-27, Mississippi Code Of 1972, To Provide That The Commission On Marine Resources, With The Approval Of The Executive Director Of The Department Of Marine Resources, Shall Have The Authority To Re-designate Natural/public...
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Died In Committee
Regular Session

An Act To Provide That No Employer Shall Pay An Employee A Wage At A Rate Less Than The Rate At Which An Employee Of The Opposite Sex In The Same Establishment Is Paid For Equal Work On A Job, The Performance Of Which Requires Equal Skill, Effort And...
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Died In Committee
Regular Session

An Act To Amend Section 9-5-137, Mississippi Code Of 1972, To Revise The Duties Of The Chancery Clerk; And For Related Purposes.
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Regular Session

An Act To Require The Department Of Transportation, Certain Local Agencies And Railroads To Accommodate Each Other When A Public Improvement Project Conflicts With Railroad Operations Or Facilities; To Require A Public Entity Or Railroad To Issue Nec...
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Died In Committee
Regular Session

An Act To Amend Sections 43-21-105, 43-15-13, 43-21-609 And 43-21-613, Mississippi Code Of 1972, To Clarify The Existence Of Durable Legal Guardianships; And For Related Purposes.
[HB1262 2015 Detail][HB1262 2015 Text][HB1262 2015 Comments]
Died In Committee
Regular Session

An Act Authorizing The Department Of Finance And Administration To Transfer And Reconvey Certain Real Property Located In Bay St. Louis, Hancock County, Mississippi, In Fee Simple To The Original Owners, Their Heirs Or Assigns Of Such Properties, Own...
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Died In Committee
Regular Session

An Act To Amend Section 63-1-13, Mississippi Code Of 1972, To Authorize The Governor And The Commissioner Of Public Safety To Privatize Some Or All Of The Functions Of The Driver License Examining Bureau; And For Related Purposes.
[HB1262 2013 Detail][HB1262 2013 Text][HB1262 2013 Comments]
Died In Committee
Regular Session

An Act To Amend Section 27-29-33, Mississippi Code Of 1972, To Remove The Requirement That The Clerk Of The Board Of Supervisors Transmit To The Auditor Of Public Accounts A Certified Copy Of The List Of Uncollected Taxes Furnished By A Tax Collector...
[HB1262 2012 Detail][HB1262 2012 Text][HB1262 2012 Comments]
Died In Committee
Regular Session

An Act To Require Any Individual Or Business Who Sells Metallic Coverings For Human Teeth To Register With The State Board Of Dental Examiners And Operate Under Any Applicable Regulations Adopted By The Board; To Amend Section 73-9-13, Mississippi Co...
[HB1262 2011 Detail][HB1262 2011 Text][HB1262 2011 Comments]
Died In Committee
Regular Session

An Act To Amend Section 73-21-106, Mississippi Code Of 1972, To Clarify Permitting Requirements For Nonresident Pharmacies That Deliver Prescription Drugs Into This State; To Require Those Pharmacies To Certify That They Understand Mississippi Pharma...
[HB1262 2010 Detail][HB1262 2010 Text][HB1262 2010 Comments]
Died In Committee

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