Roll Call: MI SB0772 | 2011-2012 | 96th Legislature

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Bill Title: State financing and management; bonds; provision relating to purchase of qualified bonds of school district; modify. Amends sec. 7 of 1985 PA 227 (MCL 141.1057). TIE BAR WITH: SB 0770'11, SB 0771'11

Spectrum: Partisan Bill (Republican 9-0)

Status: (Passed) 2012-12-31 - Assigned Pa 0439'12 [SB0772 Detail]

Text: Latest bill text (Chaptered) [HTML]

Vote: Senate Third Reading: Passed Roll Call # 464

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Result: Passed

Sen. Anderson, Glenn S. [D]FollowTheMoneyBallotpediaVoteSmart
Sen. Bieda, Steven "Steve" M. [D]FollowTheMoneyBallotpediaVoteSmart
Sen. Booher, Darwin L. [R]FollowTheMoneyBallotpediaVoteSmart
Sen. Brandenburg, John "Jack" M. [R]FollowTheMoneyBallotpediaVoteSmart
Sen. Casperson, Thomas "Tom" [R]FollowTheMoneyBallotpediaVoteSmart
Sen. Caswell, Bruce [R]FollowTheMoneyBallotpediaVoteSmart
Sen. Colbeck, Patrick J. [R]FollowTheMoneyBallotpediaVoteSmart
Sen. Emmons, Judith "Judy" K. [R]FollowTheMoneyBallotpediaVoteSmart
Sen. Gleason, John J. [D]FollowTheMoneyBallotpediaVoteSmart
Rep. Green, Kevin [R]FollowTheMoneyBallotpediaVoteSmart
Sen. Gregory, Vincent [D]FollowTheMoneyBallotpediaVoteSmart
Sen. Hansen, Goeff [R]FollowTheMoneyBallotpediaVoteSmart
Sen. Hildenbrand, Dave [R]FollowTheMoneyBallotpediaVoteSmart
Sen. Hood III, Morris W. [D]FollowTheMoneyBallotpediaVoteSmart
Sen. Hopgood, Hoon-Yung [D]FollowTheMoneyBallotpediaVoteSmart
Sen. Hune, Joseph "Joe" [R]FollowTheMoneyBallotpediaVoteSmart
Sen. Hunter, Tupac A. [D]FollowTheMoneyBallotpediaVoteSmart
Sen. Jansen, Mark C. [R]FollowTheMoneyBallotpediaVoteSmart
Sen. Johnson, Bertram "Bert" Courtney [D]FollowTheMoneyBallotpediaVoteSmart
Sen. Jones, Rick A. [R]FollowTheMoneyBallotpediaVoteSmart
Sen. Kahn, Roger N. [R]FollowTheMoneyBallotpediaVoteSmart
Rep. Kowall, Eileen T. [R]FollowTheMoneyBallotpediaVoteSmart
Sen. Marleau, James "Jim" [R]FollowTheMoneyBallotpediaVoteSmart
Sen. Meekhof, Arlan B. [R]FollowTheMoneyBallotpediaVoteSmart
Sen. Moolenaar, John R. [R]FollowTheMoneyBallotpediaVoteSmart
Sen. Nofs, Mike [R]FollowTheMoneyBallotpediaVoteSmart
Sen. Pappageorge, John [R]FollowTheMoneyBallotpediaVoteSmart
Sen. Pavlov, Phillip "Phil" J. [R]FollowTheMoneyBallotpediaVoteSmart
Sen. Proos IV, John M. [R]FollowTheMoneyBallotpediaVoteSmart
Sen. Richardville, Randy [R]FollowTheMoneyBallotpediaVoteSmart
Sen. Robertson, David B. [R]FollowTheMoneyBallotpediaVoteSmart
Sen. Rocca, Tory [R]FollowTheMoneyBallotpediaVoteSmart
Sen. Schuitmaker, Tonya L. [R]FollowTheMoneyBallotpediaVoteSmart
Rep. Smith, Alma Wheeler [D]FollowTheMoneyBallotpediaVoteSmart
Sen. Walker, Howard [R]FollowTheMoneyBallotpediaVoteSmart
Sen. Warren, Rebekah [D]FollowTheMoneyBallotpediaVoteSmart
Sen. Whitmer, Gretchen [D]FollowTheMoneyBallotpediaVoteSmart
Sen. Young II, Coleman A. [D]FollowTheMoneyBallotpediaVoteSmart