Roll Call: MI SB0009 | 2017-2018 | 99th Legislature

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Bill Title: Corrections; other; reentry services provided to prisoners housed in correctional institutions by certain organizations; require the department to develop screening and registration policies and procedures for those organizations. Amends 1953 PA 232 (MCL 791.201 - 791.285) by adding sec. 69b.

Spectrum: Partisan Bill (Republican 1-0)

Status: (Passed) 2017-04-18 - Assigned Pa 0006'17 With Immediate Effect [SB0009 Detail]

Text: Latest bill text (Chaptered) [HTML]

House Third Reading: Given Immediate Effect Roll Call # 15

Not Voting---

Result: Passed

Rep. Thomas Albert [R]
Rep. Julie Alexander [R]
Rep. Sue Allor [R]
Rep. Tom Barrett [R]
Rep. Joseph Bellino [R]
Rep. John Bizon [R]
Rep. Tommy Brann [R]
Rep. Winnie Brinks [D]
Rep. Wendell Byrd [D]
Rep. Julie Calley [R]
Rep. Darrin Camilleri [D]
Rep. Edward Canfield [R]
Rep. Stephanie Chang [D]
Rep. Lee Chatfield [R]
Rep. John Chirkun [D]
Rep. Cara Clemente [D]
Rep. Tom Cochran [D]
Rep. Triston Cole [R]
Rep. Laura Cox [R]
Rep. Kathy Crawford [R]
Rep. Scott Dianda [D]
Rep. Fred Durhal [D]
Rep. Brian Elder [D]
Rep. Jim Ellison [D]
Rep. Pam Faris [D]
Rep. Diana Farrington [R]
Rep. Ben Frederick [R]
Rep. Daniela Garcia [R]
Rep. Sherry Gay-Dagnogo [D]
Rep. Erika Geiss [D]
Rep. Gary Glenn [R]
Rep. Joseph Graves [R]
Rep. Patrick Green [D]
Rep. Christine Greig [D]
Rep. Timothy Greimel [D]
Rep. Elizabeth Griffin [R]
Rep. Vanessa Guerra [D]
Rep. Abdullah Hammoud [D]
Rep. Roger Hauck [R]
Rep. Shane Hernandez [R]
Rep. Kevin Hertel [D]
Rep. Jon Hoadley [D]
Rep. Michele Hoitenga [R]
Rep. Pamela Hornberger [R]
Rep. Gary Howell [R]
Rep. Martin Howrylak [R]
Rep. Holly Hughes [R]
Rep. Brandt Iden [R]
Rep. Larry Inman [R]
Rep. Steven Johnson [R]
Rep. Jewell Jones [D]
Rep. Bronna Kahle [R]
Rep. Tim Kelly [R]
Rep. Klint Kesto [R]
Rep. John Kivela [D]
Rep. Robert Kosowski [D]
Rep. Beau LaFave [R]
Rep. David LaGrand [D]
Rep. Kimberly LaSata [R]
Rep. Donna Lasinski [D]
Rep. Dan Lauwers [R]
Rep. Thomas Leonard [R]
Rep. Eric Leutheuser [R]
Rep. Frank Liberati [D]
Rep. Jim Lilly [R]
Rep. Leslie Love [D]
Rep. James Lower [R]
Rep. Peter Lucido [R]
Rep. Steven Marino [R]
Rep. David Maturen [R]
Rep. Michael McCready [R]
Rep. Aaron Miller [R]
Rep. Jeremy Moss [D]
Rep. Sheldon Neeley [D]
Rep. Jeffrey Noble [R]
Rep. Kristy Pagan [D]
Rep. Dave Pagel [R]
Rep. Ronnie Peterson [D]
Rep. Phil Phelps [D]
Rep. Yousef Rabhi [D]
Rep. John Reilly [R]
Rep. Daire Rendon [R]
Rep. Sarah Roberts [D]
Rep. Rose Mary Robinson [D]
Rep. James Runestad [R]
Rep. Terry Sabo [D]
Rep. Sylvia Santana [D]
Rep. Andy Schor [D]
Rep. Bettie Scott [D]
Rep. Jason Sheppard [R]
Rep. Samir Singh [D]
Rep. Tim Sneller [D]
Rep. William Sowerby [D]
Rep. James Tedder [R]
Rep. Lana Theis [R]
Rep. Curtis VanderWall [R]
Rep. Scott VanSingel [R]
Rep. Henry Vaupel [R]
Rep. Robert VerHeulen [R]
Rep. Roger Victory [R]
Rep. Michael Webber [R]
Rep. Jason Wentworth [R]
Rep. Mary Whiteford [R]
Rep. Robert Wittenberg [D]
Rep. Henry Yanez [D]
Rep. Jeffrey Yaroch [R]
Rep. Adam Zemke [D]