Roll Call: ME LD358 | 2017-2018 | 128th Legislature

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Bill Title: An Act To Close the Gap in Children's Health Care Coverage in Maine

Spectrum: Slight Partisan Bill (Republican 4-2)

Status: (Failed) 2017-08-02 - In possession of the Senate when the Senate ADJOURNED SINE DIE and PLACED IN THE LEGISLATIVE FILES (DEAD). [LD358 Detail]

Text: Latest bill text (Amended) [PDF]

Vote: Accept Min Ontp Rpt RC #215

Not Voting---

Result: Failed

Sen. Bellows, Shenna Lee [D]FollowTheMoneyBallotpediaVoteSmart
Sen. Brakey, Eric L. [R]FollowTheMoneyBallotpediaVoteSmart
Sen. Breen, Catherine [D]FollowTheMoneyBallotpediaVoteSmart
Sen. Carpenter, Michael E. [D]FollowTheMoneyBallotpediaVoteSmart
Sen. Carson, Everett Brownie [D]FollowTheMoneyBallotpediaVoteSmart
Sen. Chenette, Justin Mark [D]FollowTheMoneyBallotpediaVoteSmart
Sen. Chipman, Benjamin M. [D]FollowTheMoneyBallotpediaVoteSmart
Sen. Collins, Ronald F. [R]FollowTheMoneyBallotpediaVoteSmart
Sen. Cushing III, Andre E. [R]FollowTheMoneyBallotpediaVoteSmart
Sen. Cyrway, Scott W. [R]FollowTheMoneyBallotpediaVoteSmart
Sen. Davis Sr., Paul T. [R]FollowTheMoneyBallotpediaVoteSmart
Sen. Deschambault, Susan [D]FollowTheMoneyBallotpediaVoteSmart
Sen. Diamond, William "Bill" [D]FollowTheMoneyBallotpediaVoteSmart
Sen. Dill, James F. [D]FollowTheMoneyBallotpediaVoteSmart
Sen. Dion, Mark N. [D]FollowTheMoneyBallotpediaVoteSmart
Sen. Dow, Dana L. [R]FollowTheMoneyBallotpediaVoteSmart
Sen. Gratwick, Geoffrey M. [D]FollowTheMoneyBallotpediaVoteSmart
Sen. Hamper, James Michael [R]FollowTheMoneyBallotpediaVoteSmart
Sen. Hill, Dawn [D]FollowTheMoneyBallotpediaVoteSmart
Sen. Jackson, Troy Dale [D]FollowTheMoneyBallotpediaVoteSmart
Sen. Katz, Roger J. [R]FollowTheMoneyBallotpediaVoteSmart
Sen. Keim, Lisa [R]FollowTheMoneyBallotpediaVoteSmart
Sen. Langley, Brian D. [R]FollowTheMoneyBallotpediaVoteSmart
Sen. Libby, Nathan [D]FollowTheMoneyBallotpediaVoteSmart
Sen. Maker, Joyce A. [R]FollowTheMoneyBallotpediaVoteSmart
Sen. Mason, Garrett Paul [R]FollowTheMoneyBallotpediaVoteSmart
Sen. Millett, Rebecca J. [D]FollowTheMoneyBallotpediaVoteSmart
Sen. Miramant, David R. [D]FollowTheMoneyBallotpediaVoteSmart
Sen. Rosen, Kimberley C. [R]FollowTheMoneyBallotpediaVoteSmart
Sen. Saviello, Thomas B. [R]FollowTheMoneyBallotpediaVoteSmart
Sen. Thibodeau, Michael D. [R]FollowTheMoneyBallotpediaVoteSmart
Sen. Vitelli, Eloise A. [D]FollowTheMoneyBallotpediaVoteSmart
Sen. Volk, Amy F. [R]FollowTheMoneyBallotpediaVoteSmart
Sen. Whittemore, Rodney L. [R]FollowTheMoneyBallotpediaVoteSmart
Sen. Woodsome, David [R]FollowTheMoneyBallotpediaVoteSmart