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MDHB660EngrossDefining the terms "service dog", "support dog", and "therapy horse" for the purposes of the provisions of law governing the Maryland Veterans Service Animal Program in the Department of Veterans Affairs.
Third Reading Passed (46-0)
MDHB1136EnrollRequiring the Board of License Commissioners for Anne Arundel County, for the 2020-2021 licensing period, to reimburse holders of certain alcoholic beverages licenses the entire amount of the annual license fee under certain circumstances; and requir...
Passed Enrolled
MDHB661IntroRepealing Maryland income tax modifications for specified deductions for the cost of business property that is treated as an expense for federal income tax purposes; repealing Maryland income tax modifications for a specified additional depreciation ...
Withdrawn by Sponsor
MDHB1135IntroProhibiting a community association from preventing a riparian property owner from constructing a pier or making another improvement into the waters of the State if the riparian property owner has received certain federal, State, and county approvals...
To House Environment and Transportation Committee
MDHB662IntroAuthorizing the governing body of Anne Arundel County to grant, by law, a tax credit against the county property tax imposed on real property owned or leased by a business entity affected by a state of emergency declared under Title 14 of the Public ...
To House Ways and Means Committee
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