Roll Call: LA HB569 | 2011 | Regular Session

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Bill Title: Relative to the Harbor Police Retirement System for the port of New Orleans, makes comprehensive changes to the provisions of such system (EN INCREASE APV)

Spectrum: Partisan Bill (Democrat 1-0)

Status: (Passed) 2011-07-01 - Effective date: July 1, 2011. [HB569 Detail]

Text: Latest bill text (Chaptered) [PDF]

Vote: Senate Vote on HB 569, FINAL PASSAGE (#831)

Not Voting---

Result: Passed

Sen. Adley, Robert [R]FollowTheMoneyBallotpediaVoteSmart
Sen. Alario Jr., John A. [R]FollowTheMoneyBallotpediaVoteSmart
Sen. Amedee, Lee "Jody" [R]FollowTheMoneyBallotpediaVoteSmart
Sen. Appel, Conrad [R]FollowTheMoneyBallotpediaVoteSmart
Sen. Broome, Sharon Weston [D]FollowTheMoneyBallotpediaVoteSmart
Sen. Chabert, Norby [R]FollowTheMoneyBallotpediaVoteSmart
Sen. Chaisson II, Joel T. [D]FollowTheMoneyBallotpediaVoteSmart
Sen. Cheek, Sherri Smith [R]FollowTheMoneyBallotpediaVoteSmart
Sen. Claitor, Dan [R]FollowTheMoneyBallotpediaVoteSmart
Sen. Crowe, A.G. [R]FollowTheMoneyBallotpediaVoteSmart
Sen. Donahue Jr., Jack [R]FollowTheMoneyBallotpediaVoteSmart
Sen. Dorsey-Colomb, Yvonne [D]FollowTheMoneyBallotpediaVoteSmart
Sen. Erdey, Dale M. [R]FollowTheMoneyBallotpediaVoteSmart
Sen. Gautreaux, D.A. "Butch" [D]FollowTheMoneyBallotpediaVoteSmart
Sen. Guillory, Elbert Lee [D]FollowTheMoneyBallotpediaVoteSmart
Sen. Heitmeier, David R. [D]FollowTheMoneyBallotpediaVoteSmart
Sen. Jackson, Lydia Patrice [D]FollowTheMoneyBallotpediaVoteSmart
Sen. Kostelka, Robert "Bob" W. [R]FollowTheMoneyBallotpediaVoteSmart
Sen. LaFleur, Eric [D]FollowTheMoneyBallotpediaVoteSmart
Sen. Long, Gerald [R]FollowTheMoneyBallotpediaVoteSmart
Sen. Marionneaux Jr., Robert "Rob" M. [D]FollowTheMoneyBallotpediaVoteSmart
Sen. Martiny, Daniel "Danny" R. [R]FollowTheMoneyBallotpediaVoteSmart
Sen. McPherson Jr., William "Joe" Joseph [D]FollowTheMoneyBallotpediaVoteSmart
Sen. Michot, Michael "Mike" J. [R]FollowTheMoneyBallotpediaVoteSmart
Sen. Mills Jr., Fred H. [R]FollowTheMoneyBallotpediaVoteSmart
Sen. Morrell, Jean-Paul "JP" [D]FollowTheMoneyBallotpediaVoteSmart
Sen. Morrish, Dan "Blade" W. [R]FollowTheMoneyBallotpediaVoteSmart
Sen. Mount, Willie L. [D]FollowTheMoneyBallotpediaVoteSmart
Sen. Murray, Edwin "Ed" R. [D]FollowTheMoneyBallotpediaVoteSmart
Sen. Nevers, Ben Wayne [D]FollowTheMoneyBallotpediaVoteSmart
Sen. Perry, Jonathan W. [R]FollowTheMoneyBallotpediaVoteSmart
Sen. Peterson, Karen Carter [D]FollowTheMoneyBallotpediaVoteSmart
Sen. Quinn, Julie [R]FollowTheMoneyBallotpediaVoteSmart
Sen. Riser, Neil [R]FollowTheMoneyBallotpediaVoteSmart
Sen. Shaw, B.L. "Buddy" [R]FollowTheMoneyBallotpediaVoteSmart
Sen. Smith, John R. [R]FollowTheMoneyBallotpediaVoteSmart
Sen. Thompson, Francis C. [D]FollowTheMoneyBallotpediaVoteSmart
Sen. Walsworth, Michael "Mike" A. [R]FollowTheMoneyBallotpediaVoteSmart
Sen. Willard-Lewis, Cynthia [D]FollowTheMoneyBallotpediaVoteSmart