Roll Call: IN HB1494 | 2017 | Regular Session

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Bill Title: Regulation of confined feeding operations. Amends the law on confined feeding operations (CFOs, which include any confined feeding of at least 300 cattle, 600 swine or sheep, 30,000 fowl, or 500 horses). Repeals the statute requiring a person to obtain the "prior approval" of the department of environmental management (IDEM) before constructing or operating a CFO. Provides instead that a person must obtain a permit from IDEM before constructing or operating a CFO. Requires a permit amendment before: (1) construction of a replacement manure storage facility that would not increase the CFO's manure storage capacity; (2) a change that would

Spectrum: Slight Partisan Bill (Republican 3-1)

Status: (Engrossed - Dead) 2017-03-13 - Senator Glick removed as second sponsor [HB1494 Detail]

Text: Latest bill text (Engrossed) [PDF]

House - Third reading

Not Voting11-

Result: Passed

NameYeaNayNot VotingAbsent
Rep. Lloyd Arnold [R]
Rep. Terri Jo Austin [D]
Rep. Micheal Aylesworth [R]
Rep. Ronald Bacon [R]
Rep. James Baird [R]
Rep. John Bartlett [D]
Rep. Patrick Bauer [D]
Rep. Robert Behning [R]
Rep. Greg Beumer [R]
Rep. Bruce Borders [R]
Rep. Brian Bosma [R]
Rep. Steven Braun [R]
Rep. Charlie Brown [D]
Rep. Timothy Brown [R]
Rep. Charles Burton [R]
Rep. Martin Carbaugh [R]
Rep. Robert Cherry [R]
Rep. Edward Clere [R]
Rep. Anthony Cook [R]
Rep. Wes Culver [R]
Rep. Steven Davisson [R]
Rep. Edward DeLaney [D]
Rep. Dale DeVon [R]
Rep. Ryan Dvorak [D]
Rep. Sean Eberhart [R]
Rep. Jeff Ellington [R]
Rep. Karen Engleman [R]
Rep. Sue Errington [D]
Rep. Dan Forestal [D]
Rep. William Friend [R]
Rep. David Frizzell [R]
Rep. Randall Frye [R]
Rep. Philip GiaQuinta [D]
Rep. Terry Goodin [D]
Rep. Doug Gutwein [R]
Rep. Carey Hamilton [D]
Rep. Richard Hamm [R]
Rep. Earl Harris [D]
Rep. Ryan Hatfield [D]
Rep. Robert Heaton [R]
Rep. Dave Heine [R]
Rep. Todd Huston [R]
Rep. Jack Jordan [R]
Rep. Christopher Judy [R]
Rep. Michael Karickhoff [R]
Rep. Clyde Kersey [D]
Rep. Cindy Kirchhofer [R]
Rep. Sheila Klinker [D]
Rep. Linda Lawson [D]
Rep. Donald Lehe [R]
Rep. Matthew Lehman [R]
Rep. Daniel Leonard [R]
Rep. Jim Lucas [R]
Rep. Randy Lyness [R]
Rep. Karlee Macer [D]
Rep. Kevin Mahan [R]
Rep. Chris May [R]
Rep. Peggy Mayfield [R]
Rep. Wendy McNamara [R]
Rep. Doug Miller [R]
Rep. Justin Moed [D]
Rep. Robert Morris [R]
Rep. Alan Morrison [R]
Rep. Charles Moseley [D]
Rep. Sharon Negele [R]
Rep. Curt Nisly [R]
Rep. David Ober [R]
Rep. Julie Olthoff [R]
Rep. Scott Pelath [D]
Rep. Matt Pierce [D]
Rep. Gregory Porter [D]
Rep. Jim Pressel [R]
Rep. Cherrish Pryor [D]
Rep. Mara Reardon [D]
Rep. Kathy Richardson [R]
Rep. Thomas Saunders [R]
Rep. Donna Schaibley [R]
Rep. Robin Shackleford [D]
Rep. Sally Siegrist [R]
Rep. Harold Slager [R]
Rep. Ben Smaltz [R]
Rep. Milo Smith [R]
Rep. Vernon Smith [D]
Rep. Edmond Soliday [R]
Rep. Mike Speedy [R]
Rep. Steven Stemler [D]
Rep. Gregory Steuerwald [R]
Rep. Holli Sullivan [R]
Rep. Vanessa Summers [D]
Rep. Joe Taylor [D]
Rep. Jeffrey Thompson [R]
Rep. Gerald Torr [R]
Rep. Heath VanNatter [R]
Rep. Thomas Washburne [R]
Rep. Timothy Wesco [R]
Rep. David Wolkins [R]
Rep. Melanie Wright [D]
Rep. John Young [R]
Rep. Dennis Zent [R]
Rep. Cindy Ziemke [R]