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Regular Session

Material harmful to minors. Establishes a procedure: (1) to allow a parent or guardian of a child enrolled in a school to submit a complaint that a book in the school library is inappropriate; and (2) for the school to respond to the complaint. Estab...
[SB0012 2023 Detail][SB0012 2023 Text][SB0012 2023 Comments]
First reading: referred to Committee on Education
Regular Session

Semiquincentennial commission. Establishes a commission to commemorate the 250th anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Independence.
[SB0012 2022 Detail][SB0012 2022 Text][SB0012 2022 Comments]
Public Law 3
Regular Session

(Introduced - Dead)
Service dog endorsement on operator's license. Provides that the bureau of motor vehicles shall place an identifying symbol on certain driver's licenses, permits, and identification cards to indicate the use of a service animal due to a person's disa...
[SB0012 2021 Detail][SB0012 2021 Text][SB0012 2021 Comments]
Senator Grooms added as coauthor
Regular Session

(Engrossed - Dead)
Resident tuition rate for active duty personnel. Makes the following changes to provisions concerning resident tuition rate eligibility for active duty armed forces personnel and dependents of active duty armed forces personnel: (1) Defines "dependen...
[SB0012 2020 Detail][SB0012 2020 Text][SB0012 2020 Comments]
First reading: referred to Committee on Education
Regular Session

(Engrossed - Dead)
Sentencing and bias crimes. Provides that a court may consider bias in imposing a criminal sentence. Specifies the manner in which bias crime data shall be reported to the state police department.
[SB0012 2019 Detail][SB0012 2019 Text][SB0012 2019 Comments]
First reading: referred to Committee on Courts and Criminal Code
Regular Session

Sex offenders. Provides that, unless a court has granted a waiver, a sex offender who establishes a residence: (1) with the intent to reside at the residence; (2) within a one mile radius of the residence of the victim of the offender's sex offense; ...
[SB0012 2018 Detail][SB0012 2018 Text][SB0012 2018 Comments]
Public Law 87
Regular Session

(Introduced - Dead)
Residency requirements for police and firefighters. Allows a member of a city police or fire department to reside within a county located outside Indiana that is contiguous to the county in which the city is located.
[SB0012 2017 Detail][SB0012 2017 Text][SB0012 2017 Comments]
Senators Niezgodski and Bohacek added as coauthors
Regular Session

(Engrossed - Dead)
Financial crimes against the elderly. Permits a financial institution to release certain financial records to a law enforcement agency or adult protective services unit if the financial institution reasonably suspects illegal activity in connection w...
[SB0012 2016 Detail][SB0012 2016 Text][SB0012 2016 Comments]
First reading: referred to Committee on Courts and Criminal Code
Regular Session

(Engrossed - Dead)
Judicial retirement age. Requires justices of the supreme court and judges of the court of appeals to retire at 80 years of age. (Under current law, justices and court of appeals judges must retire at 75 years of age.)
[SB0012 2015 Detail][SB0012 2015 Text][SB0012 2015 Comments]
First Reading: referred to Committee on Judiciary
Regular Session

(Introduced - Dead)
Provides that: (1) an individual is not subject to disqualification from eligibility for unemployment benefits because of discharge from the individual's employment due to circumstances directly related to the individual's filing of a petition for a ...
[SB0012 2014 Detail][SB0012 2014 Text][SB0012 2014 Comments]
First Reading: Referred to Judiciary
Regular Session

(Introduced - Dead)
County and township assessor qualifications.
[SB0012 2013 Detail][SB0012 2013 Text][SB0012 2013 Comments]
First reading: referred to Committee on Local Government
Regular Session

(Engrossed - Dead)
Reestablishes the office of the secretary of family and social services (office) and other divisions and offices within FSSA. Removes certain emergency rule making authority previously authorized for the office concerning federal programs administere...
[SB0012 2012 Detail][SB0012 2012 Text][SB0012 2012 Comments]
Committee report: do pass, adopted
Regular Session

Removes a provision requiring the teachers' retirement fund (TRF) to maintain separate accounts for each employer within the retirement allowance account of the 1996 account. Permits a member of the public employees' retirement fund (PERF) or TRF who...
[SB0012 2011 Detail][SB0012 2011 Text][SB0012 2011 Comments]
SECTION 22 effective 04/15/2011
Regular Session

(Introduced - Dead)
Vehicle Bill.
[SB0012 2010 Detail][SB0012 2010 Text][SB0012 2010 Comments]
First reading: referred to Committee on Rules and Legislative Procedure

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