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Regular Session

Memorial plaque programs. Establishes the general assembly and governor's office memorial plaque programs. Provides that the clerk of the house of representatives and the secretary of the senate shall create a memorial plaque. Provides that the famil...
[HB1196 2021 Detail][HB1196 2021 Text][HB1196 2021 Comments]
First reading: referred to Committee on Ways and Means
Regular Session

(Introduced - Dead)
Child custody and parenting time. Provides that if a court in a paternity or child custody proceeding does not award joint legal custody or joint physical custody of a child, the court shall enter findings of fact and conclusions of law citing clear ...
[HB1196 2020 Detail][HB1196 2020 Text][HB1196 2020 Comments]
Representatives Lindauer and VanNatter added as coauthors
Regular Session

Indiana horse racing commission. Requires the Indiana horse racing commission (IHRC) to adopt rules establishing the confidentiality of personal information on license applications. Prohibits a veterinarian appointed by the IHRC or employed by a perm...
[HB1196 2019 Detail][HB1196 2019 Text][HB1196 2019 Comments]
Public Law 168
Regular Session

(Introduced - Dead)
Provider diagnostic information release. Requires a health care provider, upon the request of a patient or the patient's designee, to provide the diagnostic billing code and procedural billing code for each diagnosis and health care procedure rendere...
[HB1196 2018 Detail][HB1196 2018 Text][HB1196 2018 Comments]
First reading: referred to Committee on Public Health
Regular Session

(Introduced - Dead)
Satellite offices. Allows a county election board to adopt a resolution by the majority vote of the board's entire membership in order to establish satellite locations for early voting. (Currently, a resolution to establish satellite voting locations...
[HB1196 2017 Detail][HB1196 2017 Text][HB1196 2017 Comments]
Representative Hatfield added as coauthor
Regular Session

(Introduced - Dead)
Use of tobacco by prospective employee. Removes the prohibition against an employer requiring, as a condition of employment, that a prospective employee refrain from using tobacco products outside the course of the prospective employee's employment. ...
[HB1196 2016 Detail][HB1196 2016 Text][HB1196 2016 Comments]
First reading: referred to Committee on Employment, Labor and Pensions
Regular Session

CHINS and delinquent child dual determination. Requires that in a child in need of services (CHINS) determination, a court shall determine if the child has been adjudicated as a delinquent child. Requires that in a delinquency determination, a court ...
[HB1196 2015 Detail][HB1196 2015 Text][HB1196 2015 Comments]
Public Law 66
Regular Session

(Enrolled - Dead)
Authorizes public agencies to employ construction managers as constructors for certain construction projects. Provides that state educational institutions may use the process for public works projects that begin after June 30, 2014. Provides that pub...
[HB1196 2014 Detail][HB1196 2014 Text][HB1196 2014 Comments]
Signed by the Governor
Regular Session

(Introduced - Dead)
Genetically engineered food.
[HB1196 2013 Detail][HB1196 2013 Text][HB1196 2013 Comments]
First reading: referred to Committee on Agriculture and Rural Development
Regular Session

(Enrolled - Dead)
Changes the term "synthetic cannabinoid" to "synthetic drug". Adds additional chemical compounds (including some compounds sold as "bath salts") to the definition of synthetic drugs and expands the definition of syntheti...
[HB1196 2012 Detail][HB1196 2012 Text][HB1196 2012 Comments]
Signed by the Governor
Regular Session

(Introduced - Dead)
For the property tax deduction for a wind power device for assessment dates after 2010, excludes a device that produces electricity that is sold in the ordinary course of a trade or business. Provides that the exclusion does not apply to a device the...
[HB1196 2011 Detail][HB1196 2011 Text][HB1196 2011 Comments]
First reading: referred to Committee on Utilities and Energy
Regular Session

(Introduced - Dead)
Provides that a state educational institution may not permit a student to matriculate in a residential campus of the state educational institution unless the student provides documentation of having been vaccinated for meningococcal meningitis or qua...
[HB1196 2010 Detail][HB1196 2010 Text][HB1196 2010 Comments]
First reading: referred to Committee on Public Health

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