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Regular Session

Choice scholarship eligibility. Makes changes to eligibility requirements for the choice scholarship program. Makes conforming amendments. Repeals a provision that restricts the use of a choice scholarship program for a student who is eligible to rec...
[HB1093 2021 Detail][HB1093 2021 Text][HB1093 2021 Comments]
First reading: referred to Committee on Education
Regular Session

Electronic document filing. Provides that an executive branch state agency may allow a person to electronically file or submit a document to the state agency as an option in addition to any other means of filing or submitting a document that is requi...
[HB1093 2020 Detail][HB1093 2020 Text][HB1093 2020 Comments]
Public Law 39
Regular Session

(Introduced - Dead)
Bias crimes. Makes it an aggravating circumstance (for purposes of imposing a criminal sentence) that a crime was committed with bias and with the intent to harm or intimidate: (1) an individual; (2) a group of individuals; (3) the property of an ind...
[HB1093 2019 Detail][HB1093 2019 Text][HB1093 2019 Comments]
Representative Goodin added as coauthor
Regular Session

(Introduced - Dead)
Bullying and orders of protection. Defines "bullying". Provides that a person who is a victim of bullying may file a petition for an order of protection against a person who commits harassment or an act of bullying. Makes the knowing or intentional v...
[HB1093 2018 Detail][HB1093 2018 Text][HB1093 2018 Comments]
First reading: referred to Committee on Courts and Criminal Code
Regular Session

(Introduced - Dead)
Straight ticket voting. Provides that if a voter votes a straight party ticket, individual votes for candidates may not be counted. Provides procedures by which a voter who votes a straight party ticket may change the straight party vote to vote for ...
[HB1093 2017 Detail][HB1093 2017 Text][HB1093 2017 Comments]
First reading: referred to Committee on Elections and Apportionment
Regular Session

(Introduced - Dead)
Local revenue. Provides that a city or town may impose an expenditure rate of not more than 0.5% on the adjusted gross income of residents of the city or town and certain nonresidents whose principal place of business or employment is in the city or ...
[HB1093 2016 Detail][HB1093 2016 Text][HB1093 2016 Comments]
First reading: referred to Committee on Ways and Means
Regular Session

Information concerning certain disabilities. Requires the state department of health to collect certain information to be disseminated by health care facilities and health care providers to parents who receive prenatal test results for Down syndrome ...
[HB1093 2015 Detail][HB1093 2015 Text][HB1093 2015 Comments]
Public Law 63
Regular Session

(Introduced - Dead)
Allows the use of I-Light (the high speed communications network that connects state educational institutions and private postsecondary educational institutions throughout Indiana) for the provision of communications service to an accredited public s...
[HB1093 2014 Detail][HB1093 2014 Text][HB1093 2014 Comments]
First Reading: Referred to Education
Regular Session

Requires a court to order a person convicted of the offense of: (1) striking, tormenting, injuring, or otherwise mistreating a law enforcement animal; or (2) interfering with the actions of a law enforcement animal while the animal is engaged in assi...
[HB1093 2013 Detail][HB1093 2013 Text][HB1093 2013 Comments]
Public Law 161
Regular Session

(Engrossed - Dead)
Requires a public agency to: (1) allow inspection or copying; or (2) make copies; of a public record within a reasonable time after the request is received by the agency. Provides that a court may impose a civil penalty against: (1) an officer of a p...
[HB1093 2012 Detail][HB1093 2012 Text][HB1093 2012 Comments]
Senator Holdman added as second sponsor
Regular Session

(Introduced - Dead)
Provides that the state fair commission may give a priority to value added Indiana agriculture when determining the types of alcoholic beverages to be sold at the Indiana state fair grounds. Repeals a provision that prohibits the sale of alcoholic be...
[HB1093 2011 Detail][HB1093 2011 Text][HB1093 2011 Comments]
Representative Sullivan added as coauthor
Regular Session

(Introduced - Dead)
Provides that the historic rehabilitation income tax credit may be assigned. Provides that the credit may be recaptured from the person who receives the certification or from an assignee to whom the property is transferred. Repeals and replaces the c...
[HB1093 2010 Detail][HB1093 2010 Text][HB1093 2010 Comments]
Representative Barnes added as coauthor

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