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INSB0368EnrollJuvenile justice. Provides for the automatic expungement of certain juvenile offenses. Prohibits a juvenile arrestee who meets certain requirements from being housed with adult inmates prior to trial, with certain exceptions. Establishes a procedure ...
Returned to the Senate with amendments
INSB0187EnrollProtection of monuments, memorials, and statues. Requires the state police department to prioritize the investigation and prosecution of persons who destroy, damage, vandalize, or desecrate a monument, memorial, or statue. Requires the state police d...
Senate concurred in House amendments; Roll Call 376: yeas 36, nays 10
INSB0332EnrollPublication of notice by political subdivisions. Allows a political subdivision, when required by statute to publish a notice two or more times, to make the first publication of notice in a newspaper and any subsequent publications of the notice on t...
Senate advisors appointed: Mrvan and Rogers
INSB0079EnrollProtection orders and domestic battery. Provides that if a petition for an order for protection is filed by a person or on behalf of an unemancipated minor, the court shall determine, after reviewing the petition or making an inquiry, whether issuing...
Senate concurred in House amendments; Roll Call 343: yeas 47, nays 0
INSB0303EnrollMotor vehicle fuel matters. Provides that an underground storage tank may not be installed for the purpose of storing regulated substances unless the underground storage tank system meets the requirements of 40 CFR 280.32. Establishes new maximum vap...
Senate concurred in House amendments; Roll Call 321: yeas 46, nays 2
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