Indiana Representative Joanna King [R] | Introduced

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INHCR0018IntroA CONCURRENT RESOLUTION terminating the public health emergency first declared on March 6, 2020, in Executive Order 20-02.
To House Rules and Legislative Procedures Committee
INHR0029IntroUrging Governor Eric Holcomb to close abortion clinics.
To House Public Health Committee
INHCR0009IntroA CONCURRENT RESOLUTION directing the Congress of the United States to propose to the several states an amendment to the United States Constitution concerning the membership of the United States Supreme Court.
To House Judiciary Committee
INHB1439IntroCoerced abortions, protection of a fetus, and wrongful death or injury of a child. Requires that a woman seeking an abortion must be informed that a coerced abortion is illegal. Provides that certain medical personnel must inquire with a woman seekin...
To House Courts and Criminal Code Committee
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