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INHB1404EngrossSchool accountability. Provides that a high school may count: (1) an approved work based learning course, program, or experience; or (2) an approved career and technical education course, program, or experience; as satisfying an Indiana diploma with ...
Amendment #2 (Leising) prevailed; Roll Call 471: yeas 35, nays 14
INHB1325EngrossTransmission of communicable diseases. Changes the following defined terms: (1) "carrier" to "individual with a communicable disease"; (2) "dangerous communicable disease" to "serious communicable disease"; and (3) "dangerous disease" to "serious dis...
To Senate Health and Provider Services Committee
INHB1235EngrossJudicial officers and public safety officials. Provides that a person commits battery on a public safety official if the offense is committed against a current or former public safety official: (1) while the official is engaged in the official's offi...
To Senate Corrections & Criminal Law Committee
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