Bill Text: IL SR0680 | 2017-2018 | 100th General Assembly | Introduced

Bill Title: Urges the Governor and the legislative leaders to pass a State budget.

Spectrum: Partisan Bill (Democrat 1-0)

Status: (Introduced) 2017-06-30 - Referred to Assignments [SR0680 Detail]

Download: Illinois-2017-SR0680-Introduced.html

SR0680LRB100 13317 MST 27850 r
2 WHEREAS, The General Assembly and the Governor have failed
3to enact a State budget for the last 23 months; and
4 WHEREAS, The State adds approximately 11 million dollars in
5debt every day that a budget is not signed into law; and
6 WHEREAS, The State has not met its contractual obligations
7to the numerous vendors that render services; and
8 WHEREAS, It is costing taxpayers approximately 44 thousand
9dollars every day we convene for special session; and
10 WHEREAS, The State, its local municipalities, and their
11institutions continue to suffer from continual downgrades from
12all of the major credit rating agencies - nearing junk status;
14 WHEREAS, The lack of a State budget has caused homeless
15shelters to close on Christmas Eve, youth violence prevention
16centers to go out of business, domestic abuse programs to be
17defunded, and a myriad of other essential human services needs
18have gone unfunded; and
19 WHEREAS, The General Assembly and the Governor have not met

SR0680- 2 -LRB100 13317 MST 27850 r
1their duty to fully fund the future of our State - the
2education of the children; and
3 WHEREAS, Teacher strikes, school closings, instructional
4time decreases, and faculty layoffs loom over school districts
5and institutions of higher learning across the State; and
6 WHEREAS, Thousands of students, like generations of
7Illinois' students before them, continue to count on the
8funding of the Monetary Assistance Program to create promising
9futures for themselves and equal access to education; and
10 WHEREAS, Without the guarantee of those funds in-state
11students are seeking educational advancement outside of
12Illinois and over 16,000 thousand students migrated to
13out-of-state universities; and
14 WHEREAS, As economic development and opportunity in the
15State have become less available particularly to ethnic and
16racial minorities - Illinois has seen a historic spike in the
17murder rate; and
18 WHEREAS, For the 70th month in a row, Illinois has had the
19highest unemployment rate among African Americans in the
20nation, nearing 15%; and

SR0680- 3 -LRB100 13317 MST 27850 r
1 WHEREAS, Forty-four percent of African American young men
2between the ages of 20-24 in Illinois are unemployed and out of
3school; and
4 WHEREAS, Things are not getting better for middle class and
5poor citizens of our State during this historic budget impasse -
6 people are hurting; therefore, be it
8ASSEMBLY OF THE STATE OF ILLINOIS, that we urge the Governor to
9wholeheartedly commit to enacting a State budget; and be it
11 RESOLVED, That the Governor is urged to call a meeting with
12legislative leaders to negotiate a budget; and be it further
13 RESOLVED, That the Governor is urged to dedicate all of his
14resources to work toward a solution to the budget impasse; and
15be it further
16 RESOLVED, That the Governor and legislative leaders are
17urged to meet daily until a budget is enacted.