Bill Text: IL HJR0129 | 2017-2018 | 100th General Assembly | Introduced

Bill Title: Declares September 22, 2018 as "Falls Prevention Awareness Day" in the State of Illinois. Urges older Illinoisans to take control of their health and prevent falls. Commends the Illinois Falls Prevention Coalition, healthcare professionals, and community-based organizations for offering falls risk screenings, educational workshops to address concerns about falls, and exercise programs to enable older adults to improve their strength and balance.

Spectrum: Partisan Bill (Democrat 1-0)

Status: (Introduced) 2018-11-07 - Assigned to Aging Committee [HJR0129 Detail]

Download: Illinois-2017-HJR0129-Introduced.html

HJ0129LRB100 21930 MST 39864 r
2 WHEREAS, Illinois residents ages 65 and older account for
379% of all fall deaths and 37% of nonfatal fall
4hospitalizations in Illinois; and
5 WHEREAS, Falls are the leading cause of traumatic brain
6injury (TBI) in Illinois residents ages 65 and older,
7accounting for 37% of TBI deaths and 56% of TBI
8hospitalizations; and
9 WHEREAS, Projected lifetime costs associated with fall
10injuries in 2014 among Illinois residents ages 65 and older are
11estimated to be $2.35 billion; and
12 WHEREAS, An estimated 475,000 of Illinois adults ages 65
13and older reported having fallen, and of those whom have
14fallen, 40.5% reported a fall-related injury in the past 12
15months; and
16 WHEREAS, Older Illinois adults who reported the following
17conditions were significantly more likely to report falls and
18fall-related injuries in the past 12 months: poor mental
19health/depression, cancer, chronic obstructive pulmonary
20disease, diabetes, coronary artery disease, obesity, asthma,
21no exercise, stroke, and disability; and

HJ0129- 2 -LRB100 21930 MST 39864 r
1 WHEREAS, Older adults who reported a physical, cognitive
2and/or emotional disability had particularly high fall rates,
3with an estimated 252,000 reporting having fallen, and of those
4whom have fallen, 51.9% reporting fall-related injuries in the
5past 12 months; and
6 WHEREAS, Sensory and mobility loss commonly associated
7with aging make elderly pedestrians vulnerable to accidents and
8injury; pedestrian crashes resulting in death exceed 20% for
9pedestrians over age 75, compared to less than 8% for
10pedestrians under the age of 14; and
11 WHEREAS, Hospitals in Illinois reported a total of 61,140
12emergency department (ED) admissions of adults 65 and older
13with repeat falls or a history of falls over 3.5 years (2013
14through the second quarter of 2016), an average of 17,469
15emergency department admissions annually; Cook County
16including the City of Chicago reported the highest number of
17fall-related ED admissions of older adults in Illinois: 27,994
18over 3.5 years, an annual average of 7,998; and
19 WHEREAS, The Illinois Department on Aging implemented a
20Critical Event policy requiring Care Coordination Unit (CCU)
21care coordinators and contracted service providers to report
22critical events involving older adults enrolled in the

HJ0129- 3 -LRB100 21930 MST 39864 r
1Community Care Program, serving an average monthly caseload of
262,000 older adults statewide; from July 12, 2017, through
3December 2017, critical event reports included: 1,220 falls
4resulting in injury, 1,553 falls without injury, 15% of ED
5visits had an associated fall (546 of 3,682), and 619 falls led
6to an unanticipated hospitalization; and
7 WHEREAS, The Illinois Falls Prevention Coalition
8representing 150 members across the State, supports the
9delivery of evidence-based programs designed to reduce fall
10risk and enhance networking among individuals with an interest
11in fall prevention; the Coalition in partnership with White
12Crane Wellness Center in Chicago has produced a Resource
13Directory on Falls Prevention in Illinois, and the Coalition
14publishes a quarterly newsletter to disseminate information
15about falls prevention resources and activities; and
16 WHEREAS, The University of Illinois at Chicago faculty was
17awarded a $2.5 million, three-year grant entitled ENGAGE-IL
18(ENhancement of Geriatric Care for All through TraininG and
19Empowerment); the project was funded by the Health Resources
20and Services (HRSA) as part of its Geriatrics Workforce
21Enhancement Program; the products resulting from the project
22include a series of on-line, continuing education courses on
23topics relevant to primary care in geriatrics, including falls
24prevention; the educational and training materials developed

HJ0129- 4 -LRB100 21930 MST 39864 r
1through this project will be widely disseminated throughout
2Illinois, and nationally; and
3 WHEREAS, Rush University Medical Center in collaboration
4with the Illinois Community Health and Aging Collaborative, and
5Illinois Pathways to Health, administers a grant from the
6federal Administration for Community Living to disseminate A
7Matter of Balance, an evidence-based falls prevention program
8for older adults and adults with disabilities; and
9 WHEREAS, Research has shown that older adults who have
10participated in A Matter of Balance have made significant
11improvements in their level of falls management (the degree of
12confidence participants perceive concerning their ability to
13manage the risk of falls and of actual falls), falls control
14(the degree to which participants perceive their ability to
15prevent falls), level of exercise, and social limitations with
16regard to concern about falling; and
17 WHEREAS, Rush University Medical Center and 28 host
18organizations across Illinois have engaged 60 Master Trainers
19and 120 Coaches, to conduct over 71 Matter of Balance
20Workshops, enrolling 784 older adults, and achieving a
21completion rate of 79%; Illinois seniors can find A Matter of
22Balance Workshop nearest them by contacting their Area Agency
23on Aging or visiting the Illinois Pathways to Health website

HJ0129- 5 -LRB100 21930 MST 39864 r
1at:; and
2 WHEREAS, For older adults to remain involved and connected
3in their communities, the built environment must encourage
4mobility and provide a range of options for people to get where
5they need and want to go, as well as for their friends, family,
6and caregivers to get to them; thoughtfully designed and
7well-maintained street infrastructure and transportation
8options provide residents of all ages with access to the
9services and amenities that make neighborhoods vibrant and
10residents healthier; and
11 WHEREAS, Communities can improve mobility by embracing
12complete streets policies, streets that accommodate all kinds
13of transportation and are suitable and safe for people of all
14ages and abilities; complete streets are an age-friendly
15solution to ensuring that residents of all ages have the
16opportunity to traverse their neighborhoods and age safely and
17comfortably; therefore, be it
20CONCURRING HEREIN, that we declare September 22, 2018 as Falls
21Prevention Awareness Day in the State of Illinois; and be it

HJ0129- 6 -LRB100 21930 MST 39864 r
1 RESOLVED, That we urge older Illinoisans to take control of
2their health and prevent falls by following these steps: (1)
3improve balance, strength, and flexibility by finding a good
4balance and exercise program in their community, such as A
5Matter of Balance, (2) talk to their health care provider, ask
6for an assessment of their risk of falling, and share their
7history of recent falls, (3) regularly review their medications
8with their doctor or pharmacist, and take medications as
9prescribed, (4) get their vision and hearing checked annually
10and update their eyeglasses, (5) keep their home safe by
11removing tripping hazards, increase lighting, make stairs
12safe, and install grab bars in key areas, and (6) talk to their
13family members and enlist their support in taking simple steps
14to stay safe; and be it further
15 RESOLVED, That we commend the Illinois Falls Prevention
16Coalition, healthcare professionals, and community-based
17organizations for offering falls risk screenings, educational
18workshops to address concerns about falls, and exercise
19programs to enable older adults to improve their strength and
20balance; we further commend communities in Illinois for
21implementing complete streets policies to make the built
22environment suitable and safe for people of all ages and
23abilities; and be it further
24 RESOLVED, That a suitable copy of this resolution be

HJ0129- 7 -LRB100 21930 MST 39864 r
1presented to the Illinois Falls Prevention Coalition as a
2symbol of our respect and esteem.