Roll Call: IA HF517 | 2017-2018 | 87th General Assembly

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Bill Title: A bill for an act relating to offensive and dangerous weapons, and the justifiable use of reasonable and deadly force, including carrying, possessing, transferring, and acquiring weapons, the purchase and regulation of such weapons, providing penalties, and including effective date and applicability provisions. (Formerly HSB 133.) Effective 7-1-17, with exception of sections 28, 29, Division VI and section 51 effective 4-13-17.

Spectrum: Partisan Bill (? 1-0)

Status: (Passed) 2017-04-13 - Signed by Governor. H.J. 1009. [HF517 Detail]

Text: Latest bill text (Enrolled) [HTML]

Passed House

Not Voting734

Result: Passed

NameYeaNayNot VotingAbsent
Rep. Ako Abdul-Samad [D]
Rep. Marti Anderson [D]
Rep. Robert Bacon [R]
Rep. Chip Baltimore [R]
Rep. Clel Baudler [R]
Rep. Terry Baxter [R]
Rep. Bruce Bearinger [D]
Rep. Liz Bennett [D]
Rep. Michael Bergan [R]
Rep. Brian Best [R]
Rep. Jane Bloomingdale [R]
Rep. Wesley Breckenridge [D]
Rep. Timi Brown-powers [D]
Sen. James Carlin [R]
Rep. Gary Carlson [R]
Rep. Dennis Cohoon [D]
Rep. Peter Cownie [R]
Rep. Dave Deyoe [R]
Rep. Cecil Dolecheck [R]
Rep. Abby Finkenauer [D]
Rep. Dean Fisher [R]
Rep. John Forbes [D]
Rep. Greg Forristall [R]
Rep. Joel Fry [R]
Rep. Ruth Ann Gaines [D]
Rep. Mary Gaskill [D]
Rep. Tedd Gassman [R]
Rep. Pat Grassley [R]
Rep. Stan Gustafson [R]
Rep. Chris Hagenow [R]
Rep. Kristi Hager [R]
Rep. Chris Hall [D]
Rep. Curtis Hanson [D]
Rep. Mary Ann Hanusa [R]
Rep. Greg Heartsill [R]
Rep. David Heaton [R]
Rep. Lisa Heddens [D]
Rep. Lee Hein [R]
Rep. Megan Hess Jones [R]
Rep. Jake Highfill [R]
Rep. Ashley Hinson [R]
Rep. Steven Holt [R]
Rep. Charles Holz [R]
Rep. Bruce Hunter [D]
Rep. Daniel Huseman [R]
Rep. Charles Isenhart [D]
Rep. Dave Jacoby [D]
Rep. Timothy Kacena [D]
Rep. Bobby Kaufmann [R]
Rep. Jerry Kearns [D]
Rep. David Kerr [R]
Rep. Jarad Klein [R]
Rep. Kevin Koester [R]
Rep. Bob Kressig [D]
Rep. Monica Kurth [D]
Rep. John Landon [R]
Rep. Vicki Lensing [D]
Rep. Guy Linden [R]
Rep. Shannon Lundgren [R]
Rep. Mary Mascher [D]
Rep. David Maxwell [R]
Rep. Charlie McConkey [D]
Rep. Andy Mckean [R]
Rep. Brian Meyer [D]
Rep. Helen Miller [D]
Rep. Gary Mohr [R]
Rep. Norlin Mommsen [R]
Rep. Tom Moore [R]
Rep. Amy Nielsen [D]
Rep. Zach Nunn [R]
Rep. Jo Oldson [D]
Rep. Rick Olson [D]
Rep. Scott Ourth [D]
Rep. Ross Paustian [R]
Rep. Dawn Pettengill [R]
Rep. Todd Prichard [D]
Rep. Ken Rizer [R]
Rep. Walt Rogers [R]
Rep. Kirsten Running-Marquardt [D]
Rep. Sandy Salmon [R]
Rep. Michael Sexton [R]
Rep. Larry Sheets [R]
Rep. David Sieck [R]
Rep. Mark Smith [D]
Rep. Ras Smith [D]
Rep. Art Staed [D]
Rep. Sharon Steckman [D]
Rep. Rob Taylor [R]
Rep. Todd Taylor [D]
Rep. Phyllis Thede [D]
Rep. Linda Upmeyer [R]
Rep. Ralph Watts [R]
Rep. Beth Wessel-Kroeschell [D]
Rep. Skyler Wheeler [R]
Rep. John Wills [R]
Rep. Cindy Winckler [D]
Rep. Matt Windschitl [R]
Rep. Mary Wolfe [D]
Rep. Gary Worthan [R]
Rep. Louis Zumbach [R]