Roll Call: IA HF475 | 2017-2018 | 87th General Assembly

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Bill Title: A bill for an act relating to the use of a straight wall cartridge rifle to hunt deer and including penalties. (Formerly HF 210.) Effective 7-1-17.

Spectrum: Partisan Bill (? 1-0)

Status: (Passed) 2017-04-13 - Signed by Governor. H.J. 1009. [HF475 Detail]

Text: Latest bill text (Enrolled) [HTML]

Passed House

Not Voting422

Result: Passed

NameYeaNayNot VotingAbsent
Rep. Ako Abdul-Samad [D]
Rep. Marti Anderson [D]
Rep. Robert Bacon [R]
Rep. Chip Baltimore [R]
Rep. Clel Baudler [R]
Rep. Terry Baxter [R]
Rep. Bruce Bearinger [D]
Rep. Liz Bennett [D]
Rep. Michael Bergan [R]
Rep. Brian Best [R]
Rep. Jane Bloomingdale [R]
Rep. Wesley Breckenridge [D]
Rep. Timi Brown-powers [D]
Sen. James Carlin [R]
Rep. Gary Carlson [R]
Rep. Dennis Cohoon [D]
Rep. Peter Cownie [R]
Rep. Dave Deyoe [R]
Rep. Cecil Dolecheck [R]
Rep. Abby Finkenauer [D]
Rep. Dean Fisher [R]
Rep. John Forbes [D]
Rep. Greg Forristall [R]
Rep. Joel Fry [R]
Rep. Ruth Ann Gaines [D]
Rep. Mary Gaskill [D]
Rep. Tedd Gassman [R]
Rep. Pat Grassley [R]
Rep. Stan Gustafson [R]
Rep. Chris Hagenow [R]
Rep. Kristi Hager [R]
Rep. Chris Hall [D]
Rep. Curtis Hanson [D]
Rep. Mary Ann Hanusa [R]
Rep. Greg Heartsill [R]
Rep. David Heaton [R]
Rep. Lisa Heddens [D]
Rep. Lee Hein [R]
Rep. Megan Hess Jones [R]
Rep. Jake Highfill [R]
Rep. Ashley Hinson [R]
Rep. Steven Holt [R]
Rep. Charles Holz [R]
Rep. Bruce Hunter [D]
Rep. Daniel Huseman [R]
Rep. Charles Isenhart [D]
Rep. Dave Jacoby [D]
Rep. Timothy Kacena [D]
Rep. Bobby Kaufmann [R]
Rep. Jerry Kearns [D]
Rep. David Kerr [R]
Rep. Jarad Klein [R]
Rep. Kevin Koester [R]
Rep. Bob Kressig [D]
Rep. Monica Kurth [D]
Rep. John Landon [R]
Rep. Vicki Lensing [D]
Rep. Guy Linden [R]
Rep. Shannon Lundgren [R]
Rep. Mary Mascher [D]
Rep. David Maxwell [R]
Rep. Charlie McConkey [D]
Rep. Andy Mckean [R]
Rep. Brian Meyer [D]
Rep. Helen Miller [D]
Rep. Gary Mohr [R]
Rep. Norlin Mommsen [R]
Rep. Tom Moore [R]
Rep. Amy Nielsen [D]
Rep. Zach Nunn [R]
Rep. Jo Oldson [D]
Rep. Rick Olson [D]
Rep. Scott Ourth [D]
Rep. Ross Paustian [R]
Rep. Dawn Pettengill [R]
Rep. Todd Prichard [D]
Rep. Ken Rizer [R]
Rep. Walt Rogers [R]
Rep. Kirsten Running-Marquardt [D]
Rep. Sandy Salmon [R]
Rep. Michael Sexton [R]
Rep. Larry Sheets [R]
Rep. David Sieck [R]
Rep. Mark Smith [D]
Rep. Ras Smith [D]
Rep. Art Staed [D]
Rep. Sharon Steckman [D]
Rep. Rob Taylor [R]
Rep. Todd Taylor [D]
Rep. Phyllis Thede [D]
Rep. Linda Upmeyer [R]
Rep. Ralph Watts [R]
Rep. Beth Wessel-Kroeschell [D]
Rep. Skyler Wheeler [R]
Rep. John Wills [R]
Rep. Cindy Winckler [D]
Rep. Matt Windschitl [R]
Rep. Mary Wolfe [D]
Rep. Gary Worthan [R]
Rep. Louis Zumbach [R]