Bill Text: FL S1738 | 2011 | Regular Session | Enrolled

Bill Title: State Financial Information

Spectrum: Bipartisan Bill

Status: (Enrolled - Dead) 2011-05-07 - Ordered engrossed, then enrolled -SJ 1848 [S1738 Detail]

Download: Florida-2011-S1738-Enrolled.html
       2011 Legislature                   CS for SB 1738, 1st Engrossed
    2         An act relating to state financial information;
    3         creating s. 215.922, F.S.; establishing the Agency for
    4         Enterprise Business Services within the Department of
    5         Management Services; providing that the office is a
    6         separate budget entity not subject to the department;
    7         providing an executive director appointed by the
    8         Governor, confirmed by the Cabinet, and subject to
    9         confirmation by the Senate; providing for an executive
   10         director; providing the duties of the agency;
   11         providing an effective date.
   13  Be It Enacted by the Legislature of the State of Florida:
   15         Section 1. Section 215.922, Florida Statutes, is created to
   16  read:
   17         215.922 Agency for Enterprise Business Services.—The Agency
   18  for Enterprise Business Services is created within the
   19  Department of Management Services.
   20         (1) The head of the agency shall be the Governor and
   21  Cabinet.
   22         (2) The agency is a separate budget entity and is not
   23  subject to control, supervision, or direction by the Department
   24  of Management Services, including, but not limited to,
   25  purchasing, transitions involving real or personal property,
   26  personnel, or budgetary matters.
   27         (3) The agency shall have an executive director who is the
   28  Enterprise Financial Business Operations Officer. The officer
   29  shall be appointed by the Governor with at least three
   30  affirmative votes of the Governor and Cabinet, subject to
   31  confirmation by the Senate. The officer serves at the pleasure
   32  of the Governor and Cabinet. The Governor may appoint an interim
   33  director until an executive director is appointed by the
   34  Governor and confirmed by the Cabinet.
   35         (4) The agency shall have the following duties and
   36  responsibilities:
   37         (a) Develop and submit an Enterprise Financial Business
   38  Strategic Plan to the Governor and Cabinet, the President of the
   39  Senate, and the Speaker of the House of Representatives by
   40  December 1, 2012. The plan must include, but not be limited to,
   41  the following:
   42         1. An inventory of all agency financial business systems
   43  that are maintained by executive branch agencies. At a minimum
   44  the inventory must include the following:
   45         a. The name of each system, the number of end users who
   46  must use the system to perform their job functions, and the
   47  associated financial business processes and a description of the
   48  system functionality that supports these processes.
   49         b. The total cost of operating and maintaining each agency
   50  financial business system on a fiscal-year basis. The total cost
   51  calculation must, at a minimum, include staffing requirements,
   52  hardware and software costs, and contracted services and
   53  external service provider costs.
   54         c. A description of any projects and enhancements planned
   55  or underway for each agency financial business system for the
   56  2011-2012 and 2012-2013 fiscal years.
   57         d. Any state or federal laws that require the
   58  implementation and use of the agency financial business system.
   59         2. Identification of and recommendations relating to the
   60  financial business functions that should be standardized and
   61  proposed as enterprise financial business functions. For
   62  purposes of this identification, an enterprise financial
   63  business function is a function that is currently common or
   64  should be common among multiple state agencies.
   65         3. An assessment of whether any agency financial business
   66  systems should be considered for inclusion in the Florida
   67  Financial Management Information System. For purposes of this
   68  assessment, in order for an agency financial business system to
   69  be considered for inclusion in the system it must:
   70         a. Provide financial and administrative data and
   71  information or functionality that is essential to a statewide
   72  financial operation.
   73         b. Provide a financial business service that the agency
   74  recommends should be an enterprise financial business service.
   75         c. Provide financial data, information, or functionality
   76  that is not partially or completely duplicated by a subsystem
   77  identified in s. 215.94.
   78         d. Demonstrate that the agency financial business system’s
   79  financial data, information, or functionality can be provided in
   80  a cost-effective manner.
   81         4. The status of projects currently underway that affect
   82  agency financial business systems and the subsystems of the
   83  Florida Financial Management Information System.
   84         5. The total cost of operating and maintaining each
   85  subsystem of the Florida Financial Management Information System
   86  pursuant to s. 215.94 on a fiscal-year basis, the staff required
   87  for operation and maintenance of each subsystem, the number of
   88  end users who must use the subsystem to perform their job
   89  functions, and federal law specifically requiring the
   90  implementation of the subsystem.
   91         6. Recommendations for modifications and enhancements to
   92  the Florida Financial Management Information System which should
   93  include projects proposed to replace or enhance its subsystems
   94  and the decommissioning of any agency financial business
   95  systems. Recommendations must include, but not be limited to:
   96         a. A description of the enterprise financial business
   97  services that should be provided by the Florida Financial
   98  Management Information System. The description must be
   99  sufficient to determine the functionality that will be provided
  100  by the system and to identify which agency financial business
  101  system services should be incorporated as enterprise financial
  102  business services;
  103         b. A proposal of the agency financial business systems that
  104  should be considered for inclusion in the Florida Financial
  105  Management Information System;
  106         c. Major initiatives and implementation strategies
  107  necessary to achieve the recommendations;
  108         d. The proposed standardization of state financial data
  109  elements and codes and recommended changes to ensure the use of
  110  common data codes by the subsystems;
  111         e. Proposals to eliminate specific impediments to achieving
  112  the standardized enterprise financial business services;
  113         f. Proposed substantive and fiscal changes necessary to
  114  implement the recommended changes to the Florida Financial
  115  Information Management System; and
  116         g. Proposed governance structure changes to the Florida
  117  Financial Management Board and its coordinating council.
  118         (b) Provide assistance to the Chief Financial Officer in
  119  the recommendation of a uniform chart of accounts.
  120         (c) Serve as a clearinghouse for enterprise information
  121  relating to the planning, development, implementation, and
  122  evaluation of improvements to enterprise financial business
  123  services.
  124         (d) Develop and submit to the Governor and Cabinet, the
  125  President of the Senate, and the Speaker of the House of
  126  Representatives by December 1, 2012, recommendations for
  127  revisions to the Florida Financial Management Information
  128  Systems Act.
  129         Section 2. This act shall take effect July 1, 2011.